“I thought it was going to be worse:” Strong winds down several trees in Waupun

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WAUPUN -- Storms quickly moved through parts of southeast Wisconsin Thursday, July 7th, causing some damage in our viewing area. The brunt of today's storms landed on Waupun. City crews spent the afternoon clearing branches and putting up barricades.

Waupun storm damage

Waupun storm damage

"I was sleeping and I heard my dogs start barking," said Kelly Kreuziger.

High winds whipped through Waupun, toppling a tree on E. Franklin near N. Forest.

"My daughter screamed so I jumped out of bed and went running and see the tree laying on the house," said Kreuziger.

Thankfully there is no serious damage.

"It is a big tree and I thought it was going to be worse," said Kreuziger.

"There were three trees that we're aware of that did come down into homes. There were probably another three to four throughout the city that came down on streets that needed to be cleared out," said Waupun Fire Chief and EMS Director, Bj Demaa.


Waupun's fire chief says the strong winds only lasted a couple of minutes. The heavy rain lasted longer.

"Things got really white, the rain was really wind-blown at that point and roughly ten minutes after that, we started hearing calls of street flooding," said Demaa.

Waupun storm damage

Waupun storm damage

A few cars stalled in the water, but the streets drained quickly. Branches were cleared away so traffic could pass through.

Department of Public Works crews say all of the tree limbs have been cleared out of the streets.

Waupun storm damage

Waupun storm damage

The tree down on Franklin Street is the only one that is still blocked off -- that's because they're worried about the stability of the tree. A crane will be brought in to remove it on Friday.