“Violence has taken over:” Crowd gathers in Washington Park to pray for peace

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MILWAUKEE --  A prayer for Milwaukee. Close to 100 people gathered in Washington Park with a message on Thursday, July 7th. Victims of violence joined others to pray for peace.prayers to stop violence

"Violence has taken over," said Elaine Freeman, Tamecca Perry's aunt.

In the crowd at Washington Park, those who live have been changed by violence.

"It makes you think there isn't that much love left in the world. It's still very painful for the whole family," said Freeman.prayers to stop violence

Elaine Freeman's niece, Tamecca Perry, was shot and killed in early March. The shooting also took the life of her unborn baby.

Tamecca Perry

Tamecca Perry

Tamecca's suspected killer was on the run, but arrested about a week ago.

"It won't bring Tamecca back, it won't bring her and her baby back, but it's a relief to know that justice will be served," said Freeman.

Organizers encouraged those in the crowd to spread a message of peace.

"Let them know someone cares and we're praying God will give us a move, so they can turn their lives around," said Joseph Parnell, minister.prayers to stop violence

They are hopeful that message sticks with young people.

"I think they need to know they are loved and that someone understands their plight," said Parnell.

A prayer for a city, loved by many, at a time people say it is needed the most.


  • Renee Harrison

    and the definition of insanity is………… doing the same mess over and over and over and over and over and over and over again-expecting different results-blacks suffer from a collective insanity-marching and praying has done nothing for us for the last 200 years–try something else for crying out loud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Klaatu

    What crowd (close to 100 people)? The place is empty – there’s more people on stage than in the audience. I applaud the idea but the execution was wasted in that neighborhood. The only time a crowd appears is when there’s a demonstration calling for cops to be sent to jail………….

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