Racine police: 43-year-old man arrested, accused of threatening officers on social media

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Racine Police Department

RACINE — Racine police say a 43-year-old man was arrested Friday, July 8th — for allegedly threatening law enforcement officials.

Police say on Friday, they became aware of threats against officers and their families posted to social media.

Investigators learned that the suspect posting the threats may live in the city of Racine.

The Racine Police Department began receiving tips from concerned citizens and other law enforcement agencies across the country regarding these threats.

One of the threats included the following:

“Be first to shoot first. I encourage every Black man in America to strap up. It is clear. I encourage every white officer to kiss there love ones goodbye. Every time you leave the house. Tell them you love them; because you may not make it home. Also if you do make it home. You may find there dead bodies sprawled all over the house. This is war were tired. I don’t care who I offend I don’t have any more words but bullets. It’s time to start going into there homes and killing there families. Not (expletive) playing or smiling.”

Upon further investigation, police were able to determine that the suspect was a resident of Racine.

Further posts and comments made by the suspect were discovered reiterating threats made in the above post.

Members of the detective bureau assisted by the local FBI task force located and detained the man without incident at his home.

He was transported to the Racine Police Department pending further investigation. After consulting with the district attorney, he was arrested.

Chief Howell issued the following statement regarding this incident:

“While threatened with the use deadly force against the law enforcement community at-large (within hours of the assassination of five officers in Dallas TX), local officers and investigators demonstrated a high degree of professionalism and great restraint in peacefully taking the subject of these threats into custody without incident. I would like to personally thank each and every one who supported our department in providing the critical and timely information that enabled our members to bring this matter to a peaceful resolution.”

Racine police investigators are interested in any additional information that anyone may have about this crime. Any witnesses, or citizens with information, are urged to call the Racine Police Department Investigations Unit at (262) 635-7756.

Those who wish to remain anonymous may contact Crimestoppers at (262) 636-9330, or text 274637 (CRIMES). Text message should begin with RACS.


  • Snipe the sniper

    Nope. Nope they don’t. Not when your an idiot like that keyboard warrior. Wait your right BLM = blue life’s Matter. Great idea Jerome

  • Jeffery Jelinski

    Why are police being congratulated for restraint? Isn’t that how they’re SUPPOSED to act? Like hey, you didn’t shoot someone, good job. That’s is why this is happening. I don’t get congratulated when I don’t shoot someone at work. Randomly executing officers isn’t the right response, but it’s kinda the expected one. I don’t see any officers turning in their wayward colleagues. Seems like more often they protect known criminals. Officers take the stand to defend murderers and rapists in uniform all the time. Police your own organization, and freaking lunatics wouldn’t feel the need to do it for you. Your guns are not offensive weapons. They are not supposed to be your default response to a situation. Officers like to shoot first and ask the question of guilty or innocent after the fact. Why is it so surprising when it happens to them? Oh, those officers shot were innocent and good cops? So were all those innocent people. If you start a situation by shooting indiscriminately, the same’s gonna happen to you guys. Right here at the Nekoosa PD we have an officer who busted in a woman’s face while working near Milwaukee. She was unarmed and half his size and he whipped her into her cell like a ragdoll. Bam, face first into a concrete bench. Then he lied on the stand about it. No repercussions, just resign and go to a different PD. Funny. Anyone else who did that would be facing prison time. Seems like there’s something to this…

    • Z

      You’re an incredible moron. You’re rant is illogical and incoherent at best. As it seems to be completely based off of delusional half-truths and radically spun liberal rhetoric.

      Also judging from your picture. You are a cowardly bootlicking millennial.

    • Judas Priest

      You are part of the problem, Keep letting the liberal media feed your head with misinformation and lies.If you look at the FBI statistics from 2015 more Whites were killed by Law Enforcement than Blacks. Everyday in Kilwaukee and Chitcago there are black on black killings with no outrage from anyone in the Black Community. A felon doesn’t comply with Police and acts in a threatening matter what do you think the outcome will be? Have you ever served in the Military or law Enforcement? I bet not, you are a typical liberal who shoots there mouth off hoping that when the crap hits the fan you can hug your enemies and everything will be rainbows and lollipops.

  • patty nimmo

    Thank God the officials were able to track him down so quickly, many lives were saved. No telling how many officers he would’ve killed and their families. They aren’t safe, these bad guys watch, they know when the officer leaves leaving families vulnerable to the evil doers. Hope the wives have weapons training and one readily available. God bless our officers and familes but they shouldn’t have to live in fear.


    He’ll probably say he made a mistake, he was just mad, he was kidding, he has psychological issues, etc.

  • Angry Dad

    They should post this terrorist’s name and address. He will be back out and will still be a threat. Too bad the worthless pos terrorist didn’t resist arrest. The cop could have fixed him then.

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