“We need answers:” Loved ones of Jay Anderson march near Wauwatosa PD after officer-involved shooting

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WAUWATOSA -- Protesters on Friday, July 8th gathered outside the Wauwatosa Police Department to demand answers after the death of Jay Anderson -- eventually marching to Mayfair Mall before returning to the police station.

Jay Anderson

Jay Anderson

July 4th would have been Jay Anderson's 26th birthday -- but Anderson died in the early morning hours of June 23rd after he was shot by a Wauwatosa police officer in Madison Park.

A crowd of about 50 to 75 people gathered outside the Wauwatosa Police Department beginning at around 4:00 p.m. Friday.

Police blocked off a perimeter in the area.

The group began marching down the street away from the station around 5:00 p.m. They made their way to Mayfair Mall -- before returning to the Wauwatosa Police Department shortly after 6:00 p.m.

Amid rising nationwide tension after back-to-back fatal shootings of African-American men by police officers in Louisiana (Alton Sterling) and Minnesota (Philando Castile), protesters said they want answers about the officer-involved shooting that led to Anderson's death.

"We just want answers. We don`t know nothing about this man. Ain`t nobody come out and said nothing. Politics here in this city. No one has said nothing. They haven`t even come to his family and said what do you all need?" Lamar Kearney, Anderson's cousin said.


Wauwatosa protest -- Jay Anderson

Wauwatosa protest -- Jay Anderson

Wauwatosa protest -- Jay Anderson

Protest in Wauwatosa -- Jay Anderson

Wauwatosa police say on June 23rd, an officer went to check out a vehicle deemed suspicious, and that officer, who has yet to be publicly identified, found Anderson alone and in possession of a gun. Police said the officer feared for his safety and shot into the vehicle -- killing Anderson.

Madison Park officer-involved shooting

Madison Park officer-involved shooting

Anderson's family says he had the gun legally and he wasn't up to anything suspicious in the park. They say he had simply fallen asleep in his car.

“This family is hurting. This community is hurting. We need some answers. We need someone to step up and say 'hey Linda, hey Jay, what can we do since your baby is in six feet deep?'" Gloria Speed, Anderson's aunt said.

Wauwatosa Police Chief Barry Weber

Wauwatosa Police Chief Barry Weber

Milwaukee police are handling the investigation into Anderson's death. They say the investigation is ongoing and there are no updates on it at this time.

"These investigations take time. They take longer than any of us would like. People want to know all of the facts immediately. I wish I could give all of the information right away, but I cannot. There is a legal process that has to be observed," Wauwatosa Police Chief Barry Weber said.


  • Jim

    Not a good day to be chanting ” no justice no peace ” after 5 policemen murdered in Dallas. But that’s the BLM movement. Violent racist group someone looking for a payday!

    • Bean

      Well, Wynell, my son wouldn’t be sitting in a car with a gun on him, in the middle of the night in a park that’s closed. Duh! But if he did do something like that, then he’s risking his life and I wouldn’t be crying foul.

    • Lol

      They dont want money they just want an explanation and these so called investigators are taking to long. So take this L and have a seat

  • walloffthenorthside

    Should’ve arrested them fir unlawful assembly, blocking traffic and trespass. I’m sure no permits were filed. Once again a thug being glorified. Burn down the ghetto.

    • nicole

      They shouldn’t have been arrested for anything. Who needs to be locked up is these policeman not following the right protocols.

  • Tim

    The protesters were also chanting “f*** the police” as they blocked traffic on Mayfair road. I guess the reporter didn’t want to tweet that.

  • Call a spade a spade

    These morons will do anything for a payday and to get on TV. Why don’t they do something constructive like work?? Oh yeah they are too freaking lazy to do that!!


    This doesn’t seem like Brain Surgery….there is an investigation taking place which takes time and no screaming….blocking streets…..holding up signs….is going to somehow magically speed that up. After the investigation there will be a decision. It’s at that time you can agree or disagree with the decision after all the facts are in. Then march or don’t.

  • Opinion8d

    Maybe because they’ve seen how others have been treated afterwards……basically the office will need to go into hiding due to all the death threats and harassment!!! Does releasing his name really change anything??

  • Have a seat

    That thing you research about him was last year . That has nothing to do with him being shot 12 times with his hands up in a car. The gun wasnt even in his hands but it was in his possession so to you ig that gives the officer the right to shoot him 12 times which is over kill. The footage isnt released but the family seen it. Also ik his family thats why i know all this.

  • Ms.Knowlegde

    You can talk all day and comment but life is life. How ppl live their life they choice some better then others but do not take a life that no yours

    • Bean

      You can’t even spell knowledge. You also can’t put together a coherent sentence either. Yikes.

    • nicole

      @ Bean that’s the problem. You want to put people down. Why don’t y’all take time and do something positive instead of putting us down. There are some of us who are educated. But the media won’t talk about the things we accomplish. They only acknowledge the bad things we do. Just how black folks are uneducated there are white people also uneducated, on food stamps, and they kill each other also. Your people are not different, your just glorified because of the color of your skin. Let them protest us black folks are the lives that are getting taken for no reason. Until you go through it don’t judge.

  • Laura

    I have to say, these responses are not helping ! Have you ever had pain in your life? Have you ever mourned a loss? If answer is yes, then please respect that there is pain going on for these who have suffered a loss. I pray when something happens to you, people treat you with more kindness. Unless you have been in a situation, you might be more helpful by just listening.

  • Mya


  • Lauren

    It’s very unfortunate how some mindsets work. To simply blame a humans past on the present or say he’s simply a scumbag or a good eat when you have no personal knowledge about him. Every life matters but why is that people have been and will always be impressed keep falling at the hand of a gun.we can’t kill each other and make it okay or accept it. Once we make a change within our own communities then change can occur. Simply ask yourself before you post what if it was my son,daughter,wife,husband. Police brutality goes back too far and it’s time for a change so that mistakes and lives aren’t taken too soon.

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