After tragedy in Dallas, an outpouring of support for police officers, including here in SE WI

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DALLAS/MILWAUKEE -- The killing of five law enforcement officers in Dallas Thursday, July 7th sent shock waves and then grief through the city, in the deadliest incident for police since the terror attacks of September 11, 2001.

The men who died were remembered by colleagues and citizens as caring, dedicated and professional -- and the tragedy in Dallas has people across the country reaching out to support police officers, including here in southeastern Wisconsin.

To say it was a difficult week in the United States would be a monumental understatement.

"We put on a uniform -- but we are regular people and we appreciate it just as much as anyone else. The community does support the local police department -- whether it's Glendale or any other police department across the country," Lt. Donald Haffner with the Glendale Police Department said.

Brown Deer police posted on Twitter some gifts brought to the Brown Deer Police Department in the wake of the tragedy in Dallas:

"We had a local business drop off a couple pizzas -- again, just for the appreciation. We receive a kind word or a token of appreciation and we are reminded that the community does support us, and we are in the right profession," Lt. Haffner said.

This heartwarming photo was sent to FOX6 News by viewer Ron Pasewald. He said he and his boys stopped by the New Berlin Police Department Friday, July 8th -- bringing the officers lunch to show support.

Pasewald said it was his boys' idea -- "to show our support. They are very proud, as am I."

PHOTO: Ron Pasewald

PHOTO: Ron Pasewald

Milwaukee police posted this message to Facebook Saturday afternoon:

"Thank you to the thoughtful citizen who placed roses on our windshields overnight. What a kind gesture!"

West Allis police posted this message to Facebook on Friday afternoon:

"An individual dropped off a couple dozen Krispy Kreme donuts and numerous citizens have been offering words of encouragement and support for our agency and law enforcement in general today, in the wake of the tragic incident in Dallas where numerous police officers were ambushed and killed or injured last night.

We greatly appreciate the support! Thank you!"

Greenfield police posted this message to Facebook on Saturday morning:

"In the wake of tragedy we have seen an outpouring of community appreciation for our officers! In the last 24 hours our department has received so many treats, cards, and thank yous from citizens from all over the county. Our officers are committed to serving you and keeping you safe. We are so grateful for the community support and the strong relationship we have with you! THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts!"

The Greendale Police Department received a handwritten letter of thanks:

Hales Corners police posted this message to Facebook Saturday morning:

"In the last 24 hours we have seen so much appreciation for the officers of this department. We have received cards, flowers and even food. Several officers while on patrol had citizens approach them and thank them for their service. An officer was also out at a local eatery and a patron generously paid for their meal.

Our officers are dedicated and committed to serving the Village of Hales Corners. It is so great to have such a wonderful relationship with the community. Thank you."

Kenosha police posted this message to Facebook Friday morning:

Since the events in Dallas last night, many citizens and businesses in our community have come forward to thank us for our service. Some have brought us snacks and treats, while others have simply given us a handshake and said thank you. We sincerely thank everyone for their kindness, however instead of providing this support to us, we ask that your thoughts, prayers and donations go to the family of the 5 fallen Dallas Police officers. They're hurting and need your support much more than we do.