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Wisconsin lagging in improving rate of insured children

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MADISON — States across the country are making strides in getting children onto health insurance rolls, but Wisconsin’s rate of uninsured children is stagnant.

According to a report the Wisconsin Council on Children and Families released Tuesday, about 4.4 percent, or 58,000, of the state’s children were uninsured in 2014. That’s lower than the national average of 6.0 percent, but other states have been improving at a much faster rate. Wisconsin dropped from ranking sixth best in the percentage of children with health insurance in 2008 to 16th in 2014.

The report says that’s partially because Wisconsin cut Medicaid eligibility for about 60,000 parents in 2014 and lost about 15,500 still-eligible children in the process, likely because parents didn’t renew them.


    • Michael Neils

      Yup the un-wed mommies where I work make $17 hour and up @ 40 hours a week and overtime to boot were shocked at having to PAY $80 a month to insure them and their kid(s) plus a copay/deductible and out of pocket. With Badger Care and Medicaid it was all free. I just laughed and said part of being a parent is sacrificing. No more nights out and no more tats and smokes. No more weekend parties at the hotels. You are now officially a grown up age and must act accordingly. 2 of them dropped the insurance on their kids and making $17 and up an hour is too much to qualify for Badger or Medicaid. So kids have no insurance. But the moms have high hair maintenance and new tats and insurance. Choices. Not the gov’s fault it’s the “parents”.

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