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Are you in a mad dash to lose a few pounds? Try these six weight loss hacks

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MILWAUKEE -- It's summer, which means you likely want to slim down for your swimsuit. Registered  dietitian Lisa Grudzielanek with Your Tasty Life joins Real Milwaukee with six secrets to shedding pounds.

Hack #1 Metabolize with More Water
• Drink water before every meal
• Helps you feel full
• ½ your weight in ounces per day
• Great for skin & digestion
• Even 1%dehydrated, your metabolism may slow down

Hack #2 Eat 4 Cups of Non-Starchy Veggies Daily
• 2 cups at lunch (Salad or snacks)
• 2 cups at dinner (Half of plate)
• Nutrient-dense, low calorie filler

Hack # 3 Cut Liquid Calories
• Alcohol is stored as fat (e.g. beer belly)
• Alcohol makes you hungrier
• Easily can 'drink a meal'
• Cut 1 soda daily= 13# loss in one year

Hack # 4 Adopt a Non-Perfectionist Mindset
• Follow 80/20; 90/10 approach
• Splurge meal once per week
• Splurge dessert once per week
• Helps stay on track, avoid deprivation

Hack #5 Don`t Have Sabotaging Food Available
• Want an occasional treat, go out for it.
• Make it a special treat. Enjoy & move on.
• You can`t eat what isn`t there.

Hack #6 Honor Kitchen Closed Time
• Don`t eat three hours before you go to bed
• Mindless snacking packs on pounds
• Cut off gives digestion rest and recovery time

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