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“23 ways you could be killed if you’re black in America:” Alicia Keys & friends deliver powerful message

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Alicia Keys rounded up a few of her famous friends to deliver a powerful message.

Keys collaborated with the organization “We Are Here” movement and Mic to create a black-and-white video titled “23 ways you could be killed if you are black in America.”

In the video, Keys and other stars such as Beyonce, Rihanna, Adam Levine and Kevin Hart share the different ways African-Americans have been killed in high-profile cases.

The cases have come to symbolize racial issues in this country — and they include the recent deaths of Alton Sterling in Louisiana and Philando Castile in Minnesota.

The video was inspired by original reporting by Mic’s Jamilah King, who wrote “23 every day actions punishable by death if you’re black in America.”


  • Al P

    Why wasn’t number one being a thug in CHICAGO??? Seems like that would outnumber all the other ones combined!!!!!

  • Klaatu

    I would ask you to search through the last month of stories on Fox6 or any other news source that reports from a city with a black population of at least 30%. Tally up the deaths and cause of deaths for black people. I’m willing to bet that over 80% is due to black on black crime. Black people just seem to push that fact aside and focus on the 0.005% of black deaths caused by white LEO’s. The reason it continues is because you people are too ignorant to admit the truth and just keep pandering for free handouts while you play the race card with the sympathy card up your sleeve as backup. Try being honest with yourselves if you really want change.

    • mensa517

      First off racist like you always mention Black on Black crime without mentioning White on White crime—–Either way there is no such thing—CRIME IS CRIME Period—-however as is the usual blacks are demonized with false stats, especially being that they are less than 10% of the population thereby using stats (THERE ARE THREE TPES OF LIES, LIES, DAMMED LIES AND STATS) to skerweb the facts—matter of fact whites commit crimes at a higher rate than black if you want to use stats furthermore whites kill police at a higher rate than black, kill each other at a higher rate, commit pedophilia, bank robberies, drug offenses, hate crimes etc at a higher rate—YET PEOPLE LIKE YOU ALWAYS USE BLACKS AS THE BOOGEY MAN TO JUSTIFY YOUR PSYCHOTIC RACISM AND BIAS

    • Klaatu

      You’re totally wrong Mensa. The majority of whites don’t run crying when a cop shoots a POS white trash, trailer dweller, when they kill their neighbors and family members. If a psychotic white dope head tweaker decides to kill the guy who owns the corner store to get his drugs, us white people cheer when the tweaker is taken out of the food chain. There are instances where the killing of a white person by a cop (any race) was unjustified or a mistake but us whites don’t protest, block the streets, and scream to have the all cops jailed. Show me some specific instances where us whites protest the killing of a white criminal by any cop. We do mourn the deaths of any honest person whose life was taken way before their time. But it looks like our two races have a vastly different definition of “honest person”.

    • Klaatu

      LOL…Mensa, what’s next? Are you going to say “yo mama”? I have a life and a real job thank you. Unfortunately I have to pay for too many people, through my tax dollars, that feel entitlements are the family business.

    • You Know Who You Are

      Attention: Never allow anyone to take the Statistics class that MENSA517 attended. Also, never take the English/Grammar class that MENSA517 attended based on those terrible run-on sentences.

  • Klaatu

    Maybe, if the stars of the music industry want to help, instead of fueling the racial divide, try making a video that tells 23 actions a black person can take to avoid being killed.
    Don’t join gangs
    Stay away from the drugs and those who use
    Go to school and get educated
    Be at home helping your family instead of wandering the streets at all hours
    When a cop stops you, do what they tell you and nothing else
    Don’t steal to get what you want
    Learn how to resolve conflicts without guns and violence
    etc, etc

    • Itiswhatitis

      White homicides are largely commited by other whites thus black on black crime IS a myth however it IS a fact that a race that makes 30 % of the total population is STILL commiting 80% of the total crime the numbers dont lie the black population has much greater threats than white people you can deny it all you want but you know it as well as i do

  • imcrazy

    I agree that SOME of the officers have stepped over the line but when black people protest every death, including the death of a criminal that is resisting arrest then I tend to think that the race cars is being overplayed and just don’t want to hear it anymore.

  • chris

    Can we make our own list of why blacks are killed or will and liberal trolls delete the list which would be written based on fact?

  • Mark

    blacks: we want to be able to keep breaking the law without any ramifications, then everything will be fine. Until then, every time you try and hold us accountable for our criminal actions we WILL raise our voice and shout racism. It’s that simple.

  • S.K.

    They forgot Sleeping in a Park ,,,,, <3 Dontre Hamilton ,,,,,,,, that officer was fired and in my opinion should have been criminally charged ……now with that said I firmly back the good men and women out there that wear the badge the ones that really deserve to have it and wear it with pride and honor!
    people need to hear the facts out there though ,,,,,, Alton Sterling was a convicted felon in possession of a fire arm and whether he can be seen reaching for the gun or not ( i agree it is hard to see that from the video ) he was fighting the two officers, Philando Castile was wanted for questioning in an armed robbery and you can hear in the officers voice the distress when he is saying " I told him to get his hand off it" "I told him to get his head up" "I told him to stop reaching for it" after shooting this young man was it too quick of a call on the officers part ,,,, possibly but there was a gun ,,,, the only one who does not sound distressed is his girlfriend as she is video recording the event….. until much much later in the video.
    Trevon Martin is a name that keeps coming up in the "Movement" speeches as it should because that beautiful young man who truly was not doing anything unlawful was not killed by a police officer! he was killed by a POS "neighborhood watch" criminal thug!!!! I cant even say his name to give him the recognition but you know who he is.

  • Desiree

    Celebrities have no right to write this article cuz they are untouchable in the USA……yes bad things happen in America but the ratio for good versus bad is small…how about the article say 23 ways to die in Columbia or Pakistan where it is dangerous for the everyday citizen…..smh

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