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After officer shot in Milwaukee, incident in Baton Rouge, MPD officers to patrol as two-person units

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MILWAUKEE -- A 31-year-old Milwaukee police officer was shot and wounded early Sunday, July 17th while on the scene of a domestic violence related call. As a response to that incident, MPD officials said "effective immediately and until further notice," officers will hit the streets with two people per squad car.

The call for two-person patrols has been made before. One question is whether MPD can afford it.

Milwaukee Police Officer Brandon Baranowski was seated alone in his patrol car when a suspect approached on foot and fired a gun several times into the squad, striking the officer several times.

“While he was in his car, the suspect came up along the passenger side of the vehicle and fired multiple shots into the vehicle," Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said.

"At that moment, he was doing his best to provide safety to a woman and child in the middle of a domestic violence situation," William Jessup, MPD assistant chief said.

Mayor Barrett said the officer was hit in the arm and chest.

"I do believe this was an ambush.  Again, it was not an ambush in the sense of Baton Rouge, but the officer was sitting in his squad and was shot.  That, to me, is an ambush.  He was ambushed," Mayor Barrett said.

MPD officer shot, wounded near 17th and Morgan

MPD officer shot, wounded near 17th and Morgan

In response to the shooting, which left Baranowski with non-life threatening but serious injuries, MPD officials announced officers in every MPD district will send out officers in pairs.

"We`ve already, during the course of the day, directed all of our districts to go to two person squads," Jessup said.

This will continue until further notice, according to MPD -- in light of what happened in Milwaukee and Baton Rouge on Sunday. There, six law enforcement officers were shot, and three lost their lives.


Baton Rouge

MPD officials said given what happened Sunday in Milwaukee and Louisiana, officers will feel more comfortable responding as two-person units.

Alderman Bob Donovan

Alderman Bob Donovan

Alderman Bob Donovan, chair of the Milwaukee Common Council's Public Safety Committee said he agrees with the decision -- but wonders how long it will last.

"I hope that lasts more than a weekend. We heard the same testimony, or the same promise after the Dallas incident and after a couple days it was back to one-man squads -- so that concerns me," Donovan said.

For a long time, Donovan has said he believes Milwaukee police have been underfunded and understaffed.

"You can`t expect this department to continue to do more with less and less and less. I am hopeful that we can take the appropriate steps, steps that quite frankly, some of us have been calling for for years," Donovan said.

As for how long the two-person squads will be out on the streets, MPD says they'll address it on a day by day basis.

Donovan added he hoped to visit the injured officer in the hospital Sunday evening if possible.

MPD officer shot, wounded near 17th and Morgan

MPD officer shot, wounded near 17th and Morgan



    I support the men and woman in Blue, Thank you for your service and putting your lifes at risk everyday to PROTECT.
    Im so sadden by what this world has come to in the past 3 years its gotten worse and I think at this point its not going to get any better until we ALL learn to love and accept EVERYONE for whom they are, not the color of their skin or the amount of education or even how much money the next person has, Inside we are ALL the same.
    when will enough be enough? How many lifes need to be lost before we stand up and stand together and say ENOUGH! ENOUGH NO MORE LIFES CAN BE TAKEN! NO MORE CARELSS ACTS OF SENSELESS CRIME CAN BE ALLOWED IN OUR COMMUNITY IN OUR LIVES IN OUR THOUGHTS, IN OUR SCHOOLS, IN OUR HOMES!
    It takes time and pratice to undo what has already been done and to retrain our minds to think diffrent its like kicking a bad habbit and not going back, but once you get use to rethinking and undoing the bad, its sure must fell amazing ….
    You might not know me and I dont know you, but dose it matter? I can for certain tell you if we crossed paths on any given day and I saw you in struggle I would lend my hand and try to help you, I would do everything and anything in my given power to HELP YOU if you needed help. would you do the same for me, for anyone you dont know or would you turn a blind eye and walk away?
    Its time people, LETS STAND TOGETHER for now and for our FUTURE.

  • 2ECOND

    so did they catch the shooter? need to just fence in that cesspool and let it take care of itself

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