The Pokémon creature players in each state are desperately searching for on Pokémon Go

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Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go fever has gripped America — with more than 10 million downloads to Apple and Android devices since the game’s release on July 7th — making it the biggest mobile game in U.S. history, with just under 21 million daily users at its peak.

If you’re not familiar with Pokémon Go, it’s an augmented reality game in which Pokémon ‘appear’ in real life through the camera of your phone.

The game alerts you when a Pokémon is near and when you find them, you ‘catch’ them using a virtual Pokéball.

The aim of the game is to ‘catch ‘em all’!

Catching them all is no easy feat, though, and Americans are turning to Google to help them find certain Pokémon.

Decluttr decided to find which states are looking for which Pokémon most.

To do this, they took phrases like ‘where is…’ and ‘how to find…’ — paired them up with the Pokémon in the game and measured the volume of searches in each state.

You can find out more about which Pokémon is most searched in your state by going here.

Pokemon Go (PHOTO: Decluttr)

Pokemon Go (PHOTO: Decluttr)