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Supporters of man killed by Wauwatosa police visit DA’s Office: “Jay was unjustly murdered”

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WAUWATOSA -- Supporters of a man killed by a Wauwatosa police officer are demanding key evidence be made public. They say video and audio prove Jay Anderson did nothing wrong. They went straight to the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office Tuesday, July 19th with a list of demands.

Star Delarosa

Star Delarosa

"I still feel like this is still a nightmare to me. It's taken a long time. We haven't heard nothing. Nothing at all," Star Delarosa, Anderson's fiancee said.

Delarosa's fiance, 25-year-old Jay Anderson, was shot and killed by a Wauwatosa police officer during the early morning hours of June 23rd.

"Jay was unjustly murdered," Shawn Muhammad, assistant minister at Nation of Islam said.

Jay Anderson

Jay Anderson

Jay Anderson supporters at DA's Office

Supporters stood together Tuesday at the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office.

"We demand justice and we stand with this family," Muhammad said.

Anderson was sitting in his vehicle on June 23rd in Madison Park when an officer approached. Police say Anderson had a gun and the officer feared for his safety, but supporters of Anderson and his family say video evidence shows otherwise.

Jay Anderson shot and killed by Wauwatosa police officer

"Jay Anderson`s hands were up. He was in the position of surrender -- unarmed -- and he never reached for a gun or a weapon at any point," Muhammad said.

The group walked into the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office Tuesday, demanding that video and other evidence be made public, including the name of the officer who shot Anderson.

Jay Anderson supporters at DA's Office

"In our community, we`re starting to get agitated," Frank Sensabaugh said.

"In terms of the release of evidence, we don`t even have all of the final reports yet on the investigation," Kent Lovern with the DA's Office said.

"I don`t know what to expect or even how to feel about it because I know the type of person he was and he did not deserve to be killed," Delarosa said.

Fatal officer-involved shooting in Wauwatosa

Fatal officer-involved shooting in Wauwatosa

The Milwaukee Police Department conducted an investigation into this officer-involved shooting.

Those with the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office hope to have the complete investigation soon. Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm is expected to meet with the attorney for the Anderson family later this week.


  • Opinion8d

    More BS from the race agitators. What would it take for the these groups to see it from the cop’s perspective or agree that it was a justified shooting?!?!?! A-holes are still holding up Mike Brown as ‘hands up, don’t shoot’…..SMH

  • youthwithoutyouth

    “Jay was unjustly murdered,” Shawn Muhammad, assistant minister at Nation of Islam said.

    Ah, yes… the religion of peace.

  • Mike

    And how does the family, none of whom were there, know his hands were up and he was not being a threat? Because a guy with a gun on his lap in his car in a park at 3:00 AM is normal…..Hey media, quit giving these thugs all this media coverage and making them into victims instead of the criminals they are. You are just as guilty as Obama is for the senseless murder and assault of cops.

  • Jay's Momma's Momma

    wait to the body camera footage comes out…. Someone not wearing a uniform or a suit is gonna look like an lying idiot.

    • head hunter

      dont think so momma, the word is until not to , everybody that was there know what happened , but was never at the scene, and the way it will probably will turn out you will be wrong momma!!!!

  • Gary Hamilton

    We’re his supporters in the back seat of his car? If no video has been released how do they know his hands were up LOL!!

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