Former employee faces misdemeanor charge after shots fired at BP near Sherman Park

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MILWAUKEE -- A misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge has been filed against Bhupinder Sidhu, a former clerk at the BP gas station located near Sherman Park -- accused in a shots fired incident that happened at the gas station Tuesday night, July 19th.

The charge filed against Sidhu is disorderly conduct, use of a dangerous weapon.

The criminal complaint indicates officers were dispatched to the gas station for a shots fired call on Tuesday night.

Police learned shots had been fired by a gas station employee.

BP gas station at Sherman and Burleigh

BP gas station at Sherman and Burleigh

According to the complaint, Sidhu told investigators shortly after Sherman Park closed at 10:00 p.m. on Tuesday night, a large group of juveniles came to the store.

An employee attempted to close the entrance to the store -- but couldn't because someone was holding the door open.

Sidhu claimed he feared for his safety and his employee's safety -- so he took his loaded Smith & Wesson M&P .40 caliber shield handgun from behind the counter and exited the store.

He said he then pointed the handgun in the air, and fired two rounds "in order to try to get people to leave the store."

Investigators reviewed surveillance video, which shows Sidhu exiting the store while holding what appears to be a handgun. Sidhu can then be seen raising the gun in the air -- and the crowd can be seen scattering.

Sidhu and two others are then seen following the crowd until everyone left the area near the gas station.

Sidhu is set to make his initial appearance in court in this case on July 27th.

The incident has led to protests and a call to boycott the gas station.

Protest at BP gas station near Sherman and Burleigh

Protest at BP gas station near Sherman and Burleigh

The protest continued Thursday, July 21st. A group of people camped out at the gas station, located at Sherman and Burleigh told potential customers to spend their money elsewhere.

Protest at BP gas station at Sherman and Burleigh

Protest at BP gas station at Sherman and Burleigh

"There's no reason for a kid to be getting shot at," a protester said.

"I'm not saying their behavior was acceptable, but shooting at them is never acceptable," a protester said.

Protesters say a group of 40-50 young people were gathered in the gas station's parking lot on Tuesday night when gas station employees tried to close the doors.

Protest at BP gas station near Sherman Park

Protest at BP gas station near Sherman Park

Frank Nitty

Frank Nitty

"I just heard two gunshots. I thought somebody got killed," a protester said.

"You just came out and shot your gun off over the heads of kids," said Frank Nitty, who organized the protest.

Nitty was there on Tuesday night, and said he confronted the gas station employee who fired the shots. He has been doing live reports on Facebook -- promoting the boycott.

Protest at gas station near Sherman and Burleigh

Protest at gas station near Sherman and Burleigh

"I keep hearing these are bad kids. If they're bad then come to where these bad kids are and help them," said Nitty.

On Thursday, amid the protest, the gas station's owner lowered the price of gas to $1.99 per gallon in an effort to bring customers to his store.

BP gas station at Sherman and Burleigh

BP gas station at Sherman and Burleigh

The move drew a line of cars to the gas station -- but those looking to fill their tanks with cheap gas had to deal with taunts from protesters.

"If somebody believes that property is worth more than life, that`s not somebody you should spend your money with. That tells me you care about my dollar and not my life," Vaun Mayes Bey said.

Rochelle Wallace was one of those who stopped at the gas station to fill up her tank. She said she wasn't intimidated by the protesters.

Protest at BP gas station at Sherman and Burleigh

Protest at BP gas station at Sherman and Burleigh

"I mean, I understand the point, but let`s make sense. At what point do you take responsibility for your kids and at what point do you say -- stop tearing up the gas station. Be respectful to the gas attendant. We need to shop here. This is your community," Wallace said.

A few weeks ago, on June 29th, windows were broken at the nearby BP gas station, which had to close due to safety concerns after a group of teens caused a disturbance at the nearby Sherman Park.

BP gas station near Sherman Park

BP gas station near Sherman Park

BP gas station near Sherman Park

BP gas station near Sherman Park

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  • Gary Hamilton

    Teach your little pieces of trash some respect. Instead of protesting everything, get a job!


    Gee, the north side needs many more people like the lady in the story that talked about controlling the kids and not tearing up the gas station.

  • KariJohnston2014

    Just another instance of the ignorance and victim mentality of the violent black community. They shoot each other, they rob their local businesses, they steal local cars, and then when people and business owners do not want them around, they whine and cry. Well, STOP COMMITTING CRIMES!!!! ACT LIKE CIVILIZED HUMANS AND NOT TRIBAL SAVAGES!


    Forcing the door to remain open after closing time……Taunting and Harassing customers….Smashing windows….how many of those lowlifes were charged with Disorderly Conduct? It seems like MPD’s policy is, don’t excite the lowlifes in this area, let them do what they want. What happened to protect and serve? And, thank goodness, correct spelling on there stupid signs aren’t crimes otherwise there would be a few more D.C. charges. Instead of looking like fools out there with your misspelled words protesting, go to school and learn how to spell.

  • You Know Who You Are

    If the owner and employee of the gas station were black, there would be no protests. It is the black racist truth.

  • Mai keedz dindu nuthin

    This program brought to you by welfare and socialism, where no one needs a job anymore, they can just sit around and be angry at those of us who actually are productive members of society. Capitalism rewards the productive, socialism rewards the reproductive

  • Sharon

    Yea, my daughter tried to get me to see her point…but as a parent what are your kids doing out after 9pm at that age..and they’re stealing!!! So, where’s their punishment???? Kids need to learn to respect their elders. The boycott makes no sense to me. No had he laid hands on one of them – now we have a lawsuit…What is he suppose to do when the police isn’t there to protect and serve??? Put yourself in his shoes. If you act ignorant, you get treated in the same manner. Come on now people lets make some sense here..Parents come get YOUR KIDS!!!! As the young lady said, this is where we’s still our community…we have to respect one another.

  • Max McGee

    “I keep hearing these are bad kids. If they’re bad then come to where these bad kids are and help them,” said Nitty.
    It’s always someone else fault or problem. Humans take responsibility for their actions. Your types should try it for a change.

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