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“Very poor decision:” Some Wisconsin delegates disappointed Ted Cruz didn’t endorse Donald Trump

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CLEVELAND -- Some Wisconsin delegates at the Republican National Convention said they are disappointed that Texas Senator Ted Cruz stopped short of endorsing Donald Trump.

160720220721-rnc-convention-ted-cruz-booed-00001420-exlarge-teaseDane County Republican Party Chairman Scott Grabins said Thursday, July 21st he wasn't surprised that Cruz did not endorse Trump. But he says he was "disappointed in some of the jabs he took during his speech."

Delegate John Macy said it was a "very poor decision" for Cruz not to endorse and showed a lack of character. Macy is chairman of the Waukesha County Republicans.

Alternate delegate Sue Lynch called Cruz a "sore loser" who embarrassed the party. She said Cruz should have endorsed the ticket as he pledged to do as a candidate in the GOP primary.


The delegates said they are looking forward to Trump's Thursday speech.

Charlie Sykes at the Republican National Convention

Charlie Sykes at the Republican National Convention

From his small corner of "Radio Row" at the RNC, one of the "Never Trump" movement's biggest voices, Charlie Sykes, reflected Thursday on the booing of Cruz.

"If the RNC wanted to project an image of unity, that ended last night. That blew up the whole façade of unity," Sykes said.

Governor Scott Walker attempted to get some of it back on Thursday morning -- laying out the case to Wisconsin delegates that Donald Trump is better than Hillary Clinton.

"I’m on the radio with someone I hope to help influence on this in a little bit," Walker said.

Walker was talking about Sykes, who wasn't convinced.

"I don’t think Trump could win Wisconsin even if conservative talk hosts were behind him," Sykes said.

Cruz said he couldn't endorse a man who has attacked him personally.

Gov. Scott Walker

Gov. Scott Walker

Trump has also been critical of Walker, but the governor brushed it off.

"In terms of attacks against me, I’m a big boy. I can handle that. I’m interested in doing what’s right for my state, what’s right for my country," Walker said.

Ted Cruz speaks at Republican National Convention

Ted Cruz speaks at Republican National Convention

Unlike Cruz, Walker did right by the party by throwing his support behind Trump during his speech at the RNC Wednesday night. He received praise from VP nominee Gov. Mike Pence for that.

"Scott Walker’s speech, Marco Rubio’s comments really gave evidence to the fact that we are a party that is coming together. We’ll always have our differences, especially after competitive primaries, but I think what you’ve seen all this week are that Republicans are coming together around our nominee," Pence said.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Walker said Cruz shouldn't have showed up at the RNC if he wasn't going to endorse Trump.

"Saying I’m going to vote for and support Donald Trump doesn’t mean I endorse everything about him. I just think it’s a clear contrast. The choice we have is not between someone else. It’s between -- one of two people is going to be next president of the United States," Walker said.

Some Wisconsin delegates said Trump can win the White House despite the division.

"This is an election clearly about outsiders and insiders, and the insiders don’t have to come along," Van Mobley said.

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