Meeting of minds: Gas station owner, protesters work to resolve differences

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MILWAUKEE -- A three-day boycott of a Milwaukee gas station is leading to two sides talks. The boycott comes after a clerk fired shots into the air on Tuesday evening, July 19th -- to disperse a crowd of kids. On Friday, the gas station owner and a leader from the boycott group shook hands and agreed to talk about building a better understanding.

Gas station owner, protests make amends

Gas station owner, protests make amends

"None of them are trying to help. This thing blew way out of control and everyone is coming here saying "F" them kids, them bad kids. They sit right here listening to you all saying "F" them kids," said Frank Sensabaugh, a protest organizer.

Then on Friday, there was an agreement to talk.

"Right now, we're talking about to figure out a way to come out where everyone is happy," said Sensabaugh.

Vince Bobot

Vince Bobot

"There's no doubt my client is ready willing and able to work with the community to resolve any differences. This is not a situation where he's hostile to the community. The community around him is what supports him," said Vince Bobot, lawyer for the gas station owner.

A meeting is scheduled Wednesday between the store owner and alderman to talk about the gas station's 24-hour license.

BP gas station at Sherman & Burleigh in Milwaukee

BP gas station at Sherman & Burleigh in Milwaukee

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  • Michael Neils

    A meeting is scheduled Wednesday between the store owner and alderman to talk about the gas station’s 24-hour license. Sounds like it’s going to NOT be 24 hours-a loss of income-but the hoods & thugs get to run amok. What a bout people on their way to work a 3rd shift that need gas? What about running out of milk or aspirin at 2am? Do NOT shorten business hours MAKE A CURFEW FOR THE LITTLE BRATS! and STICK TO IT,

  • robocop

    The store owners should double their prices for pain and suffering. To put it in liberal speak, a teaching moment in capitalism.


    In other words…’s too darn hot out here…we’re not getting enough camera time….and it’s the weekend. But mostly it’s too darn hot out here. And we gotta get back to work on Monday…..okay, that last one was a joke.

  • Opinion8d

    How irritating it has to be to have a business in the hood. There are those honest customers and then there are those that want to destroy your property, loot your store at will, and as a business, you should have to ‘negotiate’ with those thugs. Where is the comparison to ‘white’ business in the burbs?? Kwik Trip is open 24/7, and never once have I heard/seen of looting by kids or damage to property. Maybe if the culture was more civilized -meaning act like a effing human being, there wouldn’t be those issues. Yet, now the owner not only has to agree to ‘meet’ with the ‘community activists’ (those that want the store owner to let the kids rob them as to not cause problems), but now they are legally ‘held up’ by the license review committee (give us more ‘donations’ or we gonna shut you down). Once again, Milwaukee is turning into Detroit…….

  • DE troit

    Speaking of Detroit, the idea that droves of robocop’s roaming the hood establishing law and order is not that far off. Cops won’t have to deal with thugs and robocop’s can’t be prosecuted for drilling a couple felons as they resist. Hollywood should be proud to introduce a solution to inner city liberal driven crime. I can just hear the vrooom of the gau8 gatling gun smoking a couple clowns with 3500 rounds.

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