BP gas station boycott comes to an end: Protesters, owner come together for block party

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MILWAUKEE -- After three days of boycotting a Milwaukee BP gas station, protesters and the owner came together for a block party on Saturday, July 23rd.

Earlier this week, police say a clerk at the gas station located near Sherman and Burleigh in Milwaukee, fired his gun into the air trying to disperse a crowd of kids.

A misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge has been filed against him.

Community members and store owners met on Saturday, July 23rd hoping to get to know each other better and come to an understanding.

"We work on bringing the relationship back. The gas station is going to be there, we realize that, the park is going to be there, we realize that -- now we have to talk to the youth, hear them out, give them whatever resources they need, whatever programming they need," said James Harris, organizer.


Everything at Saturday's block party was donated by the community, including a local DJ, bounce house and even some barbecue.

The event effectively brings the gas station boycott to an end.


  • Huh !

    This is a much better form of protest ! Get together with the opposition, have food and drink while talking over your differences ! Get to know your neighbors and their kids ! Remember … If you want to be heard, You have to listen !

  • Jenn

    Now if we ALL would get together to get to know one another to begin the understanding and healing in this country


    If you want to be heard you’ve got to listen…..how clever. Apparently later in the night in the same area someone didn’t want to listen or be heard. Another shooting….another Homicide. And I’m sure it was one of the owners they were protesting that did the shooting and the killing of another Black person.

  • Z

    What a joke.

    James Harris is a moron.

    “…now we have to talk to the youth, hear them out, give them whatever resources they need, whatever programming they need,”

    Give them discipline and structure dummy. That’s why the black community continually fails with their youth. They just want to give them handouts and think the problem is solved.

  • Dylan

    They got.what they wanTed free stuff…so predictable….what can I get and not work for.it..no.consequences for.bad behavior no.exception. what a joke

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