“Shutting it down:” Roughly 100 protesters march through Mayfair Mall in search of ‘Justice 4 Jay’

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WAUWATOSA -- Protesters take their message "shutting it down," to Mayfair Mall on Saturday, July 23rd, prompting several stores to temporarily close. The group is called "Justice 4 Jay," after a Milwaukee man was shot and killed by a Wauwatosa police officer last month.Mayfair Mall protest

Jay Anderson, Jr. was shot and killed on June 23rd. Wauwatosa police say an officer saw a suspicious vehicle in Madison Park early that morning — Anderson was alone inside the car. Police say the officer spotted a gun in Anderson’s possession and feared for his safety, firing his own weapon and hitting Anderson — who later died from his injuries.

While the Milwaukee County District Attorney considers whether the shooting was justified, family members of Anderson are urging police to release more video from that night.

Jay Anderson

Jay Anderson

Saturday afternoon, shopping mall music was drowned out by the chanting crowd.

"I was on break when it started and came back from my break and it was still going," said Sherica Knox, witness.

Cell phone video obtained by FOX6 News, shows upwards of 100 protesters marching through Mayfair Mall. The demonstration began around 1:30 p.m., and lasted more than an hour.


"There has to be answers given to these families," said Shawn Moore, protest organizer.

Supporters for Anderson's family say they want to raise awareness of the case currently reviewed by District Attorney John Chisolm.

Mayfair Mall protest

Mayfair Mall protest

"There were people in the mall that weren't with the family that joined in with the protest," said Moore.

Shawn Moore helped organize the rally and says the groups intention was not to cause harm or damage, but draw attention to the death of Anderson and any police video showing what led up to the officer shooting.

"Be given a copy of the tape to pursue an independent review of that tape, and independent analysis of that tape," said Moore.

Up until now, Moore says the Anderson family has only been show a very brief clip of the incident.

Inside Mayfair Mall, several stores closed their gates during the protest.Mayfair Mall protest

"Police came inside and had everyone close their store doors just for safety and nothing actually happened," said Knox.


  • Dylan

    Sorry Mayfair. Mall I won’t xome.in from waukesha area any longer..I would not agree with their actions and disruptions.or expose children to this type of unruly behavior…I teach my kids to behave in oublic..to be kind and considerate..I will take my business elsewhere shame in these cry babies..I don’t give a rip…what are.you doing out at 300 am unless your working third shift…and sitting in a park with a gun…drug deal?..

    • Z

      It’s funny that you only have protests in the city because you are all so scared of the country outside of it.

      As you should be. Stay in your scumhole city cowards.

  • Huh !

    I’ve really gotten numb to this whole protest thing !
    I participated with Fr. Groppi and the real protest marches in Milwaukee a long time ago ! They weren’t just a bunch of loud mouth hot-heads screaming “Justice” before knowing what happen !!! They had a message they delivered without breaking the law … they acquired permits … they talked to city officials … They didn’t try to bring down the city, They tried to raise it up by looking for true equality and justice for everybody ! This so called protest for justice is a farce without a real message !!!

    • Mark Deprez

      If my business was in Mayfair MALL I would be really “PISSED”…….Wauwatosa Police Chief you should be EMBARRASSED to cash your pay check……..”DO YOUR JOB” !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Student

    Why are they rallying at the mall? The issue is with the police department, not department stores.

  • Charles

    Mayfair Mall had nothing to do with your family member getting shot by a cop. Why not protest in front of the police station the cop works for? Instead of harassing businesses that don’t have ANYTHING to do with the situation! BLIND LEADING THE BLIND!

    • No respect for others.

      They want a lot of coverage at the mall and they have air condition. They don’t care about other things like the community, business owners, families shopping, peace or just protesting at the police station.

  • Shonnie

    I’m assuming they are protesting Mayfair because that will get the attention of Wauwatosa due to that is where most of Wauwatosa income stems from. I personally don’t understand it but to each it’s own. I think protesting the police department itself would be much more effective. I refuse to take my children there now due to I never know when yeh protests will taken place and if chaos erupts I don’t want my children in it. Has anyone been speaking to officials, writing the mayor, etc..Protests don’t always solve the issue

  • Kevin

    All this protesters are doing is disturbing every day life let this play out let the investigation complete and then plan next move.

  • Brian Hintz

    I’m so tired of the protests disrupting people’s lives. There are people there just trying to do their jobs. You think people are still sympathetic to your cause? I was, not anymore so sick of all these protests.

  • Laverdad

    Lmao youre to funny! Honey we dont have to. We can just sit back and watch you sestroy ! Dont you realize in the last 30_40 years the black communiy has done more damage to ITSELF than whites could ever do

  • Z

    Wow. Another group of stupid protesters.

    Protesting a mall that had nothing to do with the incident. Who is the dummy who organized this one? Bwahaha!

  • Bill

    Yeah, my days of shopping Mayfair are done.

    I don’t need to deal with this crud. These protesters have no business being in the mall and they are doing nothing more than hurting their own cause.

  • Bill

    Being disruptive at a shopping mall that has nothing to do with what you are protesting does indeed draw attention to them – all negative.

    Protest at the police station – AFTER the investigation has been completed.

    They should have been arrested for disturbing the peace as their INTENT was to shut down an innocent place of business.

  • Gary Hamilton

    My family and I will never visit Mayfair Mall again. Obviously Mr. Moore had no permit for this protest. Mr.Moore and the others should have gotten citations for disturbing the peace and removed from the mall. Our politically correct city leaders allow this to happen with no regard for shop owners and other taxpaying citizens!

  • Dylan

    Malai….I won’t come in from waikesha…in my neighborhood when. We.disagree or have an issue we don’t bring out guns and knives to kill each other…we.don’t tolerate such barbaric behavior…the crime out here is from people driving into our county from Milwaukee because they figure we are easy pickins…I conceal carry if anyone tries to jack my car or mug me. I have every right to defend myself and my property ..let the blacks kill themselves in their own neighborhoods….and believe me.if a strange vehicle is parked in the sub division in my hood..even in the daytime the sheriff gets called..stay away from us…and no sympathy for people who disrespect the law. And the rights of others people…if you live right and are a law abiding citizen work and take care of your own. You should be able to make a go of it…do.do.stupid stuff bad stuff comes around..her name is Karma

  • Jim

    can someone call Trump and tell him we dont need a wall on the board just one around the north side watch how far crime drops in the rest of the city

  • De troit

    Ah, the liberal democratic entitlements of the inner city plantation have come to roost. As long as they are fed by the democratic machine, nothing will ever change. Time to bring some law and order to the inner city. Start by not having childs out of wedlock for purpose of furthering one self into welfare hell. The only party that has supported and died for blacks are the republicans, the party of Lincoln that freed the slaves from their black and white taskmasters under democratic rule. So, in closing they should all go home and quit protesting like anyone cares, they just get more pissed off. Call your local democratic handlers and complain to them.

  • NH

    There should be marches in Milwaukee from 6am til noon. Disrupt their sleep and draw attention to the fact that if you get up before noon, you might get a job. Monday should be noonteenth day.

  • Shuman

    I suppose Mayfair will go the way of NorthRidge and decent people will start patronizing other enterprises where law and order is respected.

  • Alpha Co.

    Capital Court and Northridge are gone. Mayfair has aquired this trash now. South ridge too, thanks to the bus line. If Wauwatosa residents weren’t filled with stupid liberals, maybe the city PD and leaders would actually do something to stop it when it happens.

  • #justiceforjay

    The funny thing is how koeveryone at Mayfair was so inconvenienced but have anyone took the time to think of how the family will be inconvenienced for life I’m utterly disgusted reading these comments and total disregard for life so are you guys saying sleeping in a car gives police the right to kill you or are you saying the fact that he had a gun in the car while he was sleep justifies his death either way him nor his family deserved that I plan on attending every protest so if I’m in traffic” put the snow plow on the truck and hit me” people no matter what your ethnicity is sometimes right is right and wrong is wrong.

    • Klaatu

      So you’re saying that it’s OK to inconvenience others with a protest? A protest that nobody got a permit for? I guess when you’re black you get to do whatever you want these days. Break any law you want and expect to be let off with probation because if anyone tells you different you scream discrimination and whip out the race card. Best keep those liberal leaders happy with the votes and they’ll keep giving you special consideration at the expense of the honest tax payers…………you all seem to have so much time to protest….why don’t you have jobs?

    • John Craney

      Hey dumb, dumb. The Mall had NOTHING to do with his death! duhhhh
      You think the shoe store is to blame? How about the camera store? Maybe the ice cream store?
      Get a job and get off the streets hood rats.

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