Woman stabs husband after fight over doughnuts

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An Indiana woman was arrested after police said she stabbed her husband during a fight over doughnuts, according to News and Tribune.

The newspaper reports that 37-year-old Michelle Nelson stabbed her husband with a grill fork after he returned home from the doughnut shop without any sweet treats.

They began arguing after he came home empty-handed, and when the husband went to leave, he told police Nelson blocked the door. When he pushed her out of the way, that’s when she reportedly lunged at him with the fork.

Police arrived to find the man sitting against a tree outside, clutching his bloody t-shirt.

Nelson was charged with aggravated battery.

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  • Michael Neils

    Why would he come home empty handed? Maybe he really ate them on the way home and with that women’s intuition and powdered sugar crumbs on him. . .just entering a bakery you come home smelling yummy. Kind of mean to do that. NOT that she should have stabbed him, though. Just be like my wife: (sigh) never mind MICHAEL. I will take care of it.

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