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“We have to try to heal:” Maria Hamilton, mother of Dontre, one of several moms to speak at DNC

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PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania -- The Democratic National Convention begins Monday, July 25th in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania -- and a key message Democrats will likely emphasize will hit close to home among voters here in Wisconsin.

Officer-involved shootings in southeastern Wisconsin are sparking increasing outrage in the community.

On Saturday, July 23rd, protesters marched through Mayfair Mall following the shooting death of Jay Anderson.

Protest at Mayfair Mall Saturday, July 23rd over death of Jay Anderson

Protest at Mayfair Mall Saturday, July 23rd over death of Jay Anderson

Anderson died after an officer-involved shooting in Wauwatosa early on Thursday, June 23rd. Wauwatosa police say an officer saw a suspicious vehicle in Madison Park early that morning -- Anderson was alone inside the car. Police say the officer spotted a gun in Anderson's possession and feared for his safety, firing his own weapon and hitting Anderson -- who later died from his injuries.

Justice for Jay Anderson

Jay Anderson shot and killed by Wauwatosa police officer

This is a local case that will soon be in the national spotlight.

Maria Hamilton

Maria Hamilton

"We have to try to heal from this and pursue justice," Maria Hamilton said.

Maria Hamilton is among several mothers who will take the stage at the Democratic National Convention who have lost children at the hands of law enforcement officials. Her son, Dontre Hamilton was shot and killed by former Milwaukee Police Officer Christopher Manney in Red Arrow Park in April of 2014.

Dontre Hamilton and Christopher Manney

Dontre Hamilton and Christopher Manney

In her speech during the DNC on Tuesday, July 26th, Maria Hamilton says she will mention Jay Anderson's recent death, along with the fatal shooting of Christopher Davis in February by a Walworth County Sheriff's deputy in East Troy.

Christopher Davis, Roma's Restaurant

"Because once again we have two families that are broken-hearted that their loved ones were taken for doing nothing wrong," Hamilton said.

Last week, speakers at the Republican National Convention pushed a different message.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke speaks at RNC

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke speaks at RNC

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke started his speech talking about the five officers murdered during what was a peaceful protest in downtown Dallas on July 7th.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to make something very clear: Blue Lives Matter!" Sheriff Clarke said.

UWM Professor Mordecai Lee predicts the debate between "black lives" vs. "blue lives" will be one more way voters can distinguish between the two parties' agendas.

"In that respect, I think that`s going to be a perfect choice for voters. Because I bet here in Milwaukee, there are some voters who say, 'blue lives matter over black lives,' and some are going to say, 'black lives matter over blue lives,'" Lee said.

Lee said Wisconsin is not among the list of the top five battleground states right now.

Democratic National Convention

Democratic National Convention

Recent polls show voters here in Wisconsin favoring Hillary Clinton -- but Lee predicts candidates will come to Wisconsin once we get closer to November -- when the race will likely get tighter.


  • Libsareliars

    Yes liberals let’s criticize our police force you idiots.
    Smart people support law enforcement, stupid people support the criminals.. Blue lives matter!!!!!!!

  • Conserned

    This is a weird one the family did not even like Dontrae had a restraining order against him he was not even aloud in there houses and the only reason the whole family is involved now is because of the pay day SAD

  • Jim

    Would have healed long ago if you and your family would stop protesting a son you didn’t want anyth To do with until there was money involved. He was a criminal trying to beat a cop with his own baton and got shot now you see dollar signs. Stay home and we will heal!!!!!!!

  • Michael Neils

    “Because once again we have two families that are broken-hearted that their loved ones were taken for doing nothing wrong,” Hamilton said. umm no all 3 of them were wrong place wrong time to say the least. All 3 were wither armed, with some one who was armed or tried to disarm as officer. So, yah they did do something wrong. We ALL make choices that sometimes lead to bad situations or death. But it WAS a choice.

  • Hillary is a HE-devil!!


  • Stan

    First of all, as a mother, where were you when your son was homeless? Now that there is money and media coverage HERE YOU ARE…… Second of all the shooting in East Troy was not the officers fault…the blame should be on the driver of the vehicle who decided he was going to lead police on a high speed chase AFTER the victim was shot because again, the driver was driving right at the officer and DID NOT comply with the officers command to STOP, the victim could have received medical attention and my still be alive. Thirdly it is OK for blacks to shoot and kill each other but if there is a police officer involved you cry BLM! Do you honestly think Hillary is going to follow through with all her promises to you? GIVE ME A BREAK!

  • walloffthenorthside

    Hopefully she’ll stay in Philly. Take Nate with you. Milwaukee doesn’t want either of you back.

  • MikeHunt

    If Black Lives Matter, why isn’t this group spending time in low income neighborhoods tutoring Black children?

    If Black Lives Matter, why aren’t more Blacks running for local offices where they can be true agents of change?

    If Black Lives Matter, why isn’t the organization proactive in matters of birth control which is one of the core problems the Black community faces?

    If Black Lives Matter, why these folks aren’t talking about and taking steps towards curbing Black gang violence?

    If Black Lives Matter, why aren’t these activists working towards better job training for the Black community?

    If Black Lives Matter, why doesn’t this organization promote military service for those lack other opportunities? Military service provides income, free education, free health care, free food, free housing, free clothing and greater credibility when applying for work post military service.

    If Black Lives Matter feel that they are being victimized by white police officers why isn’t the organization participating in recruiting young Black men and women to serve in law enforcement?

    At the end of the day it seems like Black Lives Matter is a domestic terrorist organization whose sole purpose is to create chaos and harm instead of actually helping the Black community prosper.

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