14 dogs died after AC failed in truck they were housed in during dog show in Indiana

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ROSELAND, Indiana — Police say 14 dogs died after air conditioning failed in the truck they were housed in for a dog show in northern Indiana.

St. Joseph County police Lt. William Redman says the dogs were discovered about 6:20 p.m. Friday, July 22nd outside a hotel in Roseland, just north of South Bend.

He says the truck was equipped with air conditioning in the cargo area but that an electrical circuit breaker cut the power.

Redman says police do not know what triggered the circuit breaker.

The high was 86 degrees in South Bend on Friday.

Redman says the truck belonged to Lakesyde Kennels and Handling of Wellington, Ohio.

The Humane Society of South Bend is investigating the deaths.

A car sitting in the sun can heat up 19° every 10 minutes — so it doesn’t take long for tragedy to strike.

“Every summer, unfortunately, you hear horrible stories about dogs and children being left in hot cars,” said Angela Speed with the Wisconsin Humane Society. Our pets are quite vulnerable and it’s our responsibility and job to look out for their safety.

Our furry friends as they cannot regular their own body temperature — making them more susceptible to heatstroke.

Here in Wisconsin — for the first time, you can step in and help if you see a dog or a child in a hot car, in distress.

A law passed in Wisconsin in November of 2015 prevents Good Samaritans from being sued for breaking into a hot vehicle to rescue a pet or child in distress.

Wisconsin Act 103 states that a person is immune from civil liability if the following are true:

  1. The person or animal inside is in imminent danger
  2. The vehicle was locked and forcible entry was the only way
  3. 911 or other law enforcement was contacted
  4. You remain with the person or animal until law enforcement arrives
  5. No excessive force was used to gain entry
  6. If you do leave the scene you must leave a note on the windshield explaining what happened