Christopher Manney loses appeal to rejoin the Milwaukee Police Department

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Christopher Manney

MILWAUKEE — Christopher Manney has lost his appeal with the Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission to rejoin the Milwaukee Police Department.

Manney shot and killed 31-year-old Dontre Hamilton in Red Arrow Park in downtown Milwaukee on April 30, 2014. He was fired in October 2014.

In hearings, Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn said Manney’s actions escalated the interaction with a mentally ill man to the point deadly force was necessary. In his closing statements during the appeal hearing before the FPC panel, Chief Flynn’s attorney argued Manney should be held responsible.

Manney has never faced criminal charges in this case.

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    Could you just imagine what the natives would have done had he been reinstated?? A good cop. How was he to know what the guy would do? If someone is hitting me with a bat I will fight back. He used his training and put the guy down. All political bs. Don’t fear the rats!!!!!


    Miss print. I said natives. Should have been savages. Mr. Manney will land a great job in his profession. Another city will feel safe with him on the street. Milwaukee is a lost cause.

  • Opinion8d

    My gut tells me that Flynn is doing Manney a favor. If he get’s hired back, it will cost the city more in protests and violence than simply having Manney sue the city for wrongful termination and disability and give him a payout that leaves it up to him if he wants to work again or not. I think the real problem with the police if Barrett. Flynn is often supporting his officers (definitely more than Art Jones) but clearly has to kneel to Barrett. It’s a fine line, and until a new mayor is elected, I think Flynn is probably the best option. Think how bad it’s been and for how long……I hope Manney cleans up in court!!! Better give him more than Freddy Gray’s family got for that worthless POS!


    To OPINION8D, You are cool. You for sure are not a ” sheeple” Am scared of what will happen to USA .

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