Teens in stolen car arrested after pursuit & crash; accused in string of carjackings

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MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police say three teenagers are in custody in connection with a string of recent carjackings -- after a pursuit and subsequent crash Tuesday evening, July 26th at 29th and Hampton.

Police say shortly before 7:00 p.m., officers on patrol spotted a vehicle wanted in connection with a series of carjackings near 51st and Silver Spring.

Officers attempted to stop the vehicle when it fled, and a pursuit ensued -- lasting for six minutes.

The pursuit ended in a crash near 29th and Hampton Avenue involving a total of three vehicles, including the suspect vehicle.



"This car at least, and we believe some of the occupants since the original carjacking on the 21st have been involved in six other carjackings throughout our city," Stephen Basting with MPD said.

Police arrested four teenagers who were in the stolen 2010 Acura -- ages 15, 16, and 17. They all suffered non-life threatening injuries.

Officers at the scene recovered a loaded semi-automatic pistol that was inside the suspect vehicle.

Meanwhile, three people in one of the other vehicles involved in this crash were hurt -- suffering non-life threatening injuries.

The lone occupant of the third vehicle involved wasn't hurt.

The investigation is ongoing.

Below are several photos shared with FOX6 News by viewer Lasonya Lanier:



    • Michael Neils

      When they do get free on bond, if they try to car jack someone here from EAA it will be interesting to see how someone from outside of Milwaukee or even the USA reacts. Could lead to an international incident. Put that wonderful safe city of Milwaukee in the spot light. There have been so many article over the last few weeks of all the kid/young adult programs offered, extended hours at pools etc. yet there is just a few that would rather run amok, cause chaos and commit FELONIES and CRIMES. PLEASE arrest, convict and prosecute those few. NO plea deals. All go down. Adult crime.

      • Clinton

        It is well more than a few. There are a lot of animals from the north side committing these crimes. There will never be a chance to turn them around. Extermination of hood rats is the only hope.

    • Klaatu

      Why waste the resources? Just put a slug into each of their worthless POS empty heads and solve the problem for good…………….too bad the cops have to deal with the bleeding hearts and anti cop sentiment. Those little a-hole lives don’t matter to me one bit.


    Let the thugs pay for police time, courts, car damage and 99 years in jail, that’s a start Barrett.

    • Angry Dad

      They should be locked up until they pay for ALL the damage they caused. That would be justice. Letting them back out on the street with minor consequences and no concern for the property damage and medical bills THEY caused is not justice. Barrett and liberal judges, can you understand this? People need to be held accountable. Why should innocent victims be held accountable for their medical bills but the criminal that caused the bill in the first place is not?

  • sick of it all

    The brains behind these jacking are adults having the kids do the crim since they know they won’t do the time. Maybe having the kids do some real time, along the lines of 6-24 months depending in their records, may actually get them to reconsider doing the dirty work.

    Now I get that some don’t want to put these precious snowflakes behind bars because it will make them feel like the system is against them but our current way of dealing with this problem IS NOT WORKING. While my suggestion may not be the perfect solution, I would like to see another option that could work. If such a proposal requires funding, where do you propose such funding should come from?

    Seriously, let’s get a real dialogue going instead of screaming at each other to “lock them up” versus “these kids are too young for punishment” there has to be real consequences.

  • Justin Kleppe

    I bet these were the kids who stole my car last week! It was found crashed on 14th and Cleveland the other day. THANK GOD.

  • sparkles

    To bad the little thugs walked away with non life threatening injuries. May be if one of them had severe injuries and became severely disabled, such as becoming a person who was disabled in a wheel chair and needed a ventilator to breath will one of these thugs wake up and see the light. I do not think so.

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