German Shepherd found shot by .22 caliber bullet at close range; family distraught

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JEFFERSON COUNTY -- Officials with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department are investigating after a family says their German Shepard, Tanner, was shot on Saturday, July 23rd.

Ingersoll family

Ingersoll family

Brad and Beth Ingersoll told FOX6 News they let Tanner out to wander their farm and chase squirrels, as he loves to do. But hours went by and he didn't return. The Ingersolls said they knew something was wrong.

"Spent the day looking for him and he didn't come home. Finally in the afternoon, I came home and found him laying in the driveway," said Brad Ingersoll. "I knew that he was in shock. Something wasn't right. I loaded him up in the car and took him to the emergency vet right away."

The family later learned Tanner had been shot at close range. The vet found a .22 caliber bullet. The seven-year-old dog struggled through the night. Eventually, he had to be put down.

"To know he wasn't alone was important," said Beth Ingersoll.


The death of Tanner was a shock to the Ingersolls and their two children. But how it happened has rocked this family to the core.

Noah Ingersoll

Noah Ingersoll

"Really sad. Like really, really sad," said nine-year-old Noah Ingersoll.

"To know that someone so close is so heartless -- to take the life of animals..." said Beth Ingersoll. "I know there is a lot of evil  in the world. But I'm just shocked that it hit so close to home. It's awful."

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office  is investigating and looking into potential leads.

Anyone with information is asked to give them a call.


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