We have winners! “Darby and Boca,” two vizlas, will star in We Energies “Safe Digging” campaign

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BURLINGTON — We Energies officials asked for pictures of digging dogs and you delivered. Now, a winner has been announced in connection with We Energies’ “Safe Digging” campaign.

We Energies officials say the dynamic duo, Darby and Boca will be the stars of the campaign.

On their blog, We Energies officials said the two vizlas garnered the most votes in the online contest. More than 2,100 votes were cast!

Darby and Boca -- winners of We Energies' "Safe Digging" campaign

Darby and Boca — winners of We Energies’ “Safe Digging” campaign

Darby and Boca’s owner, Teresa Rizzo of Burlington told We Energies officials she encouraged her friends and social media followers to support Darby, age 4 and Boca, age 7 by voting for them.

The dogs actually have their own Facebook page! You can follow them at Rustic Road Vizslas.
Darby and Boca’s “Safe Digging” ad will be unveiled at Energy Park at the Wisconsin State Fair on August 11th (8-11), to raise awareness about dialing 811 three days before you dig.
Their ad will be displayed on stadium TVs at Miller Park, and they’ll get a basketful of doggy treats!
Below are the finalists for the “Safe Digging” campaign contest:

Safe Digging contest