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Philando Castile shooting: Special prosecutor to help decide on charges

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Philando Castile

A Minnesota county prosecutor said Friday he has appointed an outside prosecutor to help him decide whether to file criminal charges in the July 6 shooting death of a black man by a police officer.

Ramsey County chief prosecutor John Choi told reporters that he will bring in Don Lewis, a private attorney and former federal criminal prosecutor, to join his office’s deliberations on whether to file charges in the death of Philando Castile outright, or, if not, whether to delegate the decision to a grand jury.

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  • Huh !

    Man in a car, Gets pulled over, Cop asks for license and registration, Man reaches for something while saying I Have A Gun, cop shoots !
    Black, White , Red or Yellow, Male or Female person will get shot by someone if they are reaching for something and say I Have A Gun !!!

  • Stan

    IF you have a conceal carry license and have a brain…you will know that when the officer asks you for your drivers license, you ALSO hand the officer your conceal carry license as well and state to the officer that you have a gun in your possession.. ..pretty simple.

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