“Not going to give up:” Sic Wit It MC hosts peace rally to push out negativity in Milwaukee

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MILWAUKEE -- Be the change you want to see -- those are the words a local motorcycle group is turning into action as they put on a stop the violence event peace festival on Saturday, July 30th.peace rally6

As the grill lights up, folks are fired up to make a change.

"We are concerned about what's going on in our community," said Larry Moore Jr., co-host, stop the violence event.

Larry Moore, Jr., President of Sic Wit It Motorcycle Club, is co-hosting a peace festival outside Garden Homes Lutheran Church and School.

Larry Moore Jr.

Larry Moore Jr.

"We want to set up a kid-friendly safe zone for the kids to come and have a good time like kids should. Bouncy houses, face painting, kids-type of activities," said Moore Jr.

Taking over the block with positivity, hoping to push negativity out of the neighborhood.

"Let the kids be kids for a few hours out of the day so they understand someone in the community cares and we see what's going on," said Moore Jr.peace rally4

Moore wants to bring hope to the area near Atkinson Avenue, which has been an area plagued by violence. In the past few months with shootings, some of them fatal, crime has become an all too common occurrence.

"Let's put something on to give the kids peace of mind for a few hours," said Moore Jr.

Sunshine and smiles Saturday, were a welcomed contrast to the sometimes dark images the youth has seen. Elders took the opportunity to mentor and be a listening ear.peace rally

"Coming up around here, everybody looked out for everybody now it's just a sense of me. You have to tell your kids they may be your friend but they don't have your best interest," said James Tate, supports peace festival.peace rally3

Words of wisdom combined with a day of fun, to help bring this generation back to the values of the past.

"We are trying to build the neighborhood back up, give it a sense of family. We are not going to give up on them," said Tate.


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