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“We want to win:” House Speaker Paul Ryan, Senator Ron Johnson campaign at Racine County Fair

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RACINE -- U.S. Senator Ron Johnson will run against Wisconsin Democrat Russ Feingold in the Senate race this fall, just 100 days away. Johnson teamed up with House Speaker Paul Ryan on the campaign trail on Saturday, and Ryan has much less time than those 100 days -- as he is facing a primary challenger in August.Racine County Fair

If you're a political junkie, the Racine County Fair would have been a great place to spend your Saturday. As election season heats up, candidates flocked to the fairgrounds to court local voters.

"We want to win an election so that we can put these solutions in place to improve people's lives, to fix our country's big problems," said House Speaker Paul Ryan.

House Speaker Paul Ryan, U.S. Senator Ron Johnson

House Speaker Paul Ryan, U.S. Senator Ron Johnson

House Speaker Paul Ryan teamed up with U.S. Senator Ron Johnson to hit the campaign trail Saturday afternoon. As some Republicans wonder what effect Donald Trump will have on the party and its candidates this fall, Speaker Ryan is making the rounds marketing congressional Republicans' agenda to the American public.

Speaker Paul Ryan

Speaker Paul Ryan

They're calling it, "A Better Way."

"You're going to see me campaigning quite a bit all fall, all summer long, our our Better Way agenda," said Ryan.

Ryan plans to stump with Republicans nationwide in promoting the plan over the next 100 days.Racine County Fair2

"We want to offer substance and ideas and solutions, that is what we're doing that's what the House Republicans along with our Senate counterparts are offering -- so I'm going to be talking about that all fall," said Ryan.

Even as the Speaker plans to help his congressional colleagues campaign, he's facing his own challenge here at home.Paul Nehlen

"I present a clear, crisp, different, fresh approach to this," said Paul Nehlen, challenging Paul Ryan in August 9th primary.

In less than two weeks, Paul Nehlen will be challenging Speaker Ryan in the partisan primary for the 1st District House seat. Nehlen's hoping the two can debate before then.

Paul Nehlen

Paul Nehlen

"Our poll numbers, our door knocks, our phone calls, the message is out there people would love to see a debate," said Nehlen.

Ryan and Nehlen will square off in the partisan primary on Tuesday, August 9th.

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  • Zip Zap

    Voters vote Ryan OUT BY A LANDSLIDE. He is a traitor to his past positions.
    1. He intends to vote for TPP trade agreement shipping more US jobs overseas judt like NAFTA, Chinese and the Korean trade agreements.

    2. He intends to let Islamic Terrorists into US, HE REFUSES TO STOP REFUGEES FROM KNOWN COUNTRIES INFILTRATED BY ISIS until each refugee can be VETTED for known ISIS ties or cleared for not having ISIS ties.

    3. He voted for exactly what Obama wanted in current year budget… continued funding for planned parenthood, funding to continue allow DHS to let illegals across the border with directives to border patrol agents to catch and release AND NOT DEPORT , etc etc etc.

    4 his position is to vote for amnesty in 2017. Allowing illegals to continue to take American jobs.

    Plus more and more and more reasons

    Kick Ryan the bum out now!!!

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