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Beloit man given 10 days to get rid of his 5 sitcom-named therapy geese

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BELOIT -- A Beloit man is at risk of losing his therapy pets -- a gaggle of geese.

Bob Sparks was given 10 days to get rid of his five sitcom-named pets because of an ordinance prohibiting geese.

Bob Sparks

Bob Sparks

So in order to save Lucy, Ricky and the others, Sparks created a petition that has already received support from all over the world.

Sparks says it was a shock -- especially because he is disabled and medically allowed to keep his geese as therapy pets.

"I have to get up and let them out every day. I have to feed and water them. I have to change their water every day for their baths, because they love to take baths," Sparks said.

Therapy geese

The town's administrator says he can take out a $200 variance request, but there is no guarantee the geese exception will be granted.


  • Malai

    Omg… Please just let this man keep his geese! Good grief! He’s not hurting anyone and he’s actually taking care of them. The geese are probably in a set routine with him. He’s an older man and if this is something that brings him joy, just let him care for them. Wow people are just ridiculous. As long as he has someone there with him just in case they decide to go rogue one day, I don’t see a problem with it lol

    • Michael Neils

      Malai: I agree. let them stay. AND I have had a rogue goose go after me more then once. I’m terrified of them (got bit? pinched? as a kid) and they know I’m yup-I’ll say it -chicken when it comes to geese. My wife and grand kids find it hilarious.

  • Dylan

    He could get a cat or a dog. Next thing. People will want therapy horses especially chickens. Sheep goats etc. Once. One exception is made…in the wi terms what happens..they don’t like cold and snow

  • Mel

    I could only understand this if the geese were a nuisance in some way..but I have a feeling they are less of a nuisance than my own neighbor’s dogs! I guarantee if these geese still have their flight wings, they’ll fly back to the man anyway.

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