“Really want to get Brett Favre:” FOX6’s Ted Perry caught up with veteran, rookie autograph seekers in Canton

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CANTON, Ohio -- Green Bay Packers legend Brett Favre will be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio on Saturday, August 6th -- and some of the players started to arrive on Wednesday, August 3rd -- leading up to the big day.

FOX6's Ted Perry caught up with Dan and Jason Ahrens and their buddy Bill Heinen. They left Sheboygan, Wisconsin in the wee hours of Wednesday morning and drove for TWELVE HOURS so they could hang out...at an airport in Ohio.

Autograph seekers in Canton

With binders filled with players' pictures, they looked more like scouts than autograph seekers in the airport.

Bill Heinen

Bill Heinen

But if you collect autographs and love football, there's no better place to be this weekend than Canton, Ohio.

"Just getting to know the players -- and being patient, you know? Some sign, some don't. You get what you get," Heinen said.

Aaron Waltman

Aaron Waltman

If Heinen is a veteran autograph collector (and he's come to Canton for the last 29 years -- so he is) then sixth-grader Aaron Waltman of Massillon, Ohio is a rookie.

"This is actually my first year for the Hall of Fame," Waltman said.

Never mind the fact that he isn't old enough to have seen any of the Pro Football Hall of Fame inductees play the game. Waltman said he wouldn't be happier to have proof of their encounter.

Waltman said there's one name he wants to add more than any other.

Aaron Waltman

"I really want to get Brett Favre. It would be an honor to get him," Waltman said.

The Sheboygan boys are in it for the long haul. They will see more of the airport than the maintenance crew this weekend.

Pro Football Hall of Fame

Pro Football Hall of Fame

Waltman had to go head out -- for football practice!


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