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Chicago police release video related to shooting of unarmed man

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CHICAGO — A Chicago officer is seen opening fire on a black Jaguar as it races down a tree-lined street. The car crashes. The driver bolts. Officers chase him into an alleyway between brick houses. Then multiple shots are heard.

“Get down! Hands behind your back! You shot at us mother——!”

Chicago Police DepartmentMoments later, officers curse at 18-year-old Paul O’Neal as they put him in handcuffs. Hands behind his back, his arms appear limp. The back of his shirt is covered in blood. An officer holds his foot on O’Neal’s leg.

O’Neal died from his injuries.

The actual shooting, which occurred on July 28, isn’t seen in the footage because the officer’s body camera didn’t record the moment he opened fire. However, police say the officer who shot O’Neal in the back violated policy.

This video footage, which was released on Friday, prompted Chicago police to warn of “civil unrest” and potential violence against cops.

‘Shocking and disturbing’ footage

Sharon Fairley, head of the police oversight board that released the video, described the footage as “shocking and disturbing.”

Paul O'Neal (Credit: O'Neal family)

Paul O’Neal (Credit: O’Neal family)

The teen’s family saw the footage before it was released to the public on Friday. Ja’mal Green, a spokesman for O’Neal’s family, told CNN that relatives who watched the video immediately walked out of the room.

O’Neal led police on a chase through the South Side of Chicago. He had been suspected of stealing a car. The officer who fired the fatal shot was in a car that crashed with the Jaguar O’Neal was driving.

Whether the crash had an impact on the camera’s ability to record is under investigation, according to police. Investigators are also looking into whether the officer had turned it on.

However, “as shocking and disturbing as it is,” Fairley said the footage “is not the only evidence to be gathered and analyzed when conducting a fair and thorough assessment of the conduct of police officers in performing their duties.”

Three officers have been relieved of their police powers.

O’Neal’s family on Monday filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the officers, alleging that they fired at the teen “without lawful justification or excuse.”

Chicago, a city rife with tension

The shooting was the latest to highlight the already tenuous relationship between some communities and police.

Many in the nation’s third-largest city are still reeling from the 2014 Laquan McDonald shooting, which left a Chicago officer facing a murder charge after more than a yearlong delay in releasing dashboard camera footage. And earlier this year, a task force established by the mayor released a report accusing the police of widespread racism.

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson, who pledged the department’s “full cooperation” with the investigation, told reporters the shooting troubled him.

“If it’s an honest mistake, we’ll get them training, coaching, mentoring and get them back out there. But if it was intentional misconduct, then they have to be held accountable for it,” he said.

Though he cautioned he had not come to any firm conclusions, Johnson said the shooting had left him with “more questions than answers.”

“My promise to the people of Chicago is that we will be guided by the facts and should wrongdoing be discovered; individuals will be held accountable for their actions,” he said.


  • Opinion8d

    Can anyone tell who the last person to get shot that was complying with the police?? Millions of stops and no one gets shot. Yet, someone puts the police in a compromising position, turns it into an unknown life or death situation, and then gets shot. Everything is easy to judge after the fact. Super slow motion makes it look like the officer had minutes to contemplate what to do and weight all options. They are people and make split second decisions -they get a benefit of the doubt versus the thug!! Just more bs to push the ‘police reforms’ movement which is really ‘speical rules for dealing with blacks’ because they have a problem complying with LEO!

  • Michael Neils

    The officer deliberately violated policy according to the police bulletin. 3 officers have been relieved of their police duties. A lawsuit has been filed on behalf of the deceased. So all the police, white people and black people all over the usa have NOTHING to do with this incident. So instead of rioting, looting, arson etc. Stay home and stay tuned to see how the lawsuit effects ONLY the people DIRECTLY involved. No one else has ANYTHING to do with it. You weren’t there.

  • Reasonless

    And Fox 6 will stay on top of this story in attempt to fuel the racist hate machine.
    Fox 6 will play that video in slow motion, over and over again.
    Fox 6 will publish any negative assumptions as if they were true, never printing a retraction if found out to be false.
    Fox 6 will do their best to name any Officers involved so their families can be equally put in harms way.
    Fox 6 hates Law Enforcement!!!
    Fox 6 loves to keep racial tension at a peak, never attempting to help resolve problems, but always doing their best to escalate hate and anger.
    Sometimes I wonder if Fox 6 is actually owned and operated by Eric Holder and Obama.
    Fox 6, you insult the intelligence of African Americans.
    You may think that you have control of their anger and hate, but as they figure it out, you will be all alone.

  • Huh !

    The people holding a position of authority (Mayor, Chief, Board Member, …) should not be making PRE-judgmental comments !!! Black, White, Asian, Native American, Latino, Gay, … whether Victim or Officer should have the same rights to a full investigation being conducted and concluded before any judgements be made … By Anyone !!!

  • You Know Who You Are

    After watching all of the video, the perp deserved to get shot as he had no regard for anyone’s life. The idiot rammed cop cars at least 2 times. He could have killed innocent people who were NOT commiting crimes. Could they have given him medical attention sooner after he was in cuffs? Maybe, but was he laying there in cuffs for 30 seconds for 10 minutes? I am glad the thug bled out. He now gets to be a BLM martyer for being a dangerous criminal and cancer to society.

  • Opinion8d

    Dishonest headline and story! The context of the shooting is completely missing from the story. Unarmed black man shot in the back -total BS!

    Watched the available videos…… So he runs his stolen car (deadly weapon) through 2 police officers who fire at him, then rams a another police car head on, then takes off jumping a fence and through backyards and they call this a bad shooting?? Anyone that reckless has a death wish -his was granted. Just because it hit him in the back doesn’t mean he wasn’t turning back toward the cop and the cop thought he had a gun or was going to shoot him. If he was brazen enough to try and kills cops seconds earlier, he would do it again. Good riddance!

  • phacepalm

    Right away everyone points the finger at police and the focus is all about evil police and the fact that this kid chose a life of crime gets swept under the carpet, He made that choice and if you watch the video you see him try to run over a police officer who is married and has kids. But in our country things are so twisted, if you are a person of color no matter what the police do they are wrong, you could be killing someone or shooting at police like that female last week and somehow these groups like BLM and Black panthers use to incite race war and violence.


    I think you have to divide this into two parts….the part where this thug is in a stolen vehicle speeding down the street sideswiping one squad coming within inches of an Officer and heading straight toward another squad hitting it head on, and part two, which is after he jumps out of the stolen vehicle and starts running. Shooting initially, at him in the car, certainly seems justified. How did they determine he was not shot then? I think, just by some of the Officers comments during the chaos, after the crash, that they may have thought some of those initial shots came from someone in that stolen vehicle. I think this guy was a useless thug. But part two is questionable. We don’t see what happened. We don’t know exactly why they shot. You can’t shoot someone because your angry about what they did seconds EARLIER. If they can prove in part two that he was he an immediate threat to them then the shooting seems justified, if not, even as useless as this guy seemed, you can’t shoot someone because they made you really really angry.

  • Billy Bob

    So the innocent honor student stole a car, ran from the police, tried to kill the policeman by crashing into him and then took off running and refused to halt. butz he dint dun nuffins

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