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“He was amazing:” Former Packers reminisce about Brett Favre

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CANTON, Ohio — We are just one day away from former Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre being inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Friday, we’re hearing from some guys who were in the locker room with Favre, but never on the field at the same time as him. Some defensive teammates talk about how he was a leader for them.Favre

“We have all these definitions of a football player, whether it’s through the draft process, the combine, the Pro Bowl we want to say who a football player is, when I think of a football player I think of Brett Favre,” said Matt Bowen, former Brett Favre teammate.

“He’s the type of dude funny, outgoing but when it’s time to put that helmet on you could see the competitor come out in him,” said Gilbert Brown, former Brett Favre teammate.

Gilbert Brown

Gilbert Brown

“From where my locker was I could see Reggie and Brett from the peripheral, and if I knew those two guys were getting dressed I had a chance to win today — you don’t get that feeling in all these teams,” said LeRoy Butler, former Brett Favre teammate.

“I told somebody earlier today that is one of the reasons I stayed in Green Bay for as long as I could because when you got a guy like that or a guy like Reggie White its contagious, you want to be around greatness and perfection and for me them guys are greatness and perfection,” said Brown.Favre

“I was so impressed with how tough he is I remember one time a coach telling me when you get done playing the best compliment you can receive as a football player at any level is how tough you are, and that guys tough is all you want to hear right, what Favre did, the way he played hurt, he played banged up all the time, I mean I loved him, I loved playing with him,” Bowen said.

Matt Bowen

Matt Bowen

“There’s no other quarterback that will put it on the line like that I think you’d have to shoot him, drag him, choke him, kick him and take his shoes away from him to not play the game, you know what I’m saying he is not missing a game, period,” said Brown.

“He showed me his ankle and it was all purple and yellow and green… looking and I said man you gotta sit out, he said I’m going to get taped I’m playing. He had one of his best games and he says mechanics aren’t that important anyway so who cares about your footwork and all that I’m going to play, once you hear that you understand what kind of guy he was,” said Butler.

“I’ve always said that as a defensive player during my two years in Green Bay, you’d come to the sidelines after covering a kick you don’t grab water or Gatorade, you stand up because you want to see what Brett’s going to do next, because he was amazing,” said Bowen.

“He really represents team, Super Bowl XXXI team, he represents us, when Reggie White went into the Hall of Fame he represented the defensive side, now our offensive captain is going in so we feel really good about that,” Butler said.

LeRoy Butler

LeRoy Butler

“To see him being honored into the NFL Hall of Fame, he’s going in but we feel like we going in with him because we was all teammates and we all earned it together and we all did it for him,” said Brown.

“If he throws a pick it’s our job to get the ball right back. I used to joke with him about it and I’d say if you
throw a pick it’s just earlier, early enough for me to back at it and get my stats padded so don’t worry about it. And that’s why we were so good through the late 90s and mid 90s, because we were one team and he led that team,” said Butler.

“I played in that game was it the ’01 playoffs in St. Louis, where Brett threw six interceptions I think? Afterwards in the presser he said I would have thrown eight if we would have played longer, that’s who Brett was — I mean he wasn’t perfect,” Bowen said.

“They say there’s only six numbers that’s retired in Green Bay history, we’re not like any other team that got 100, 47 or even nine, we only got six because them six guys earned that right to be great and I’m not ashamed that my numbers not up there because I wasn’t at that level,” said Brown.Favre

“I want people to go back, now that we have the internet, to look at all the receivers who have either caught a pass or played with Brett and tell me how many Hall of Famers or Pro Bowlers you see, maybe a few I think that will make you appreciate the kind of quarterback he was,” said Butler.

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