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Hundreds pack Lakefront Brewery to hear from Democratic VP pick Tim Kaine

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MILWAUKEE -- Virginia Senator Tim Kaine was greeted in Milwaukee warmly not only by supporters, but also by some of the highest-ranking Democrats in southeast Wisconsin.

Under the Holton Street Bridge on Friday, sounds of support rained down on vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine. Some of it comes from Walter Wilson, a Democratic delegate who pledged for Bernie Sanders and still has concerns about how the primary went down.

"The head of the DNC did not help matters at all by cooking the books in favor of Hillary Clinton," said Wilson.

Still, the Glendale man made it clear, he's with her.

Lakefront Brewery

"I am not apologetic at all about being a Bernie delegate voting for Hillary Clinton," said Wilson.

Anther Sanders' backer in the crowd was Eileen Nyholt. She too pledged to vote for Clinton, but also wanted to show her opposition to the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal.No TPP sign

"We wanted to hold these signs up and we were surrounded by people from the campaign that said they would kick us out if we held them up. I think that is not Democratic," said Nyholt.

Clinton says she opposes the TPP as it currently reads. Democratic V.P. nominee Tim Kaine tours Lakefront Brewery before campaign rally

Another Democratic delegate on-hand was Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, who expects the Party to be almost completely unified by November.

"Clearly, they believe in Bernie's message but I think they also understand what's at stake here and is it going to be 100%? Probably not. Do I think it'll be 90%? I do think it'll be 90%," said Barrett.

For others, there are no complications -- they just want to hear about jobs.

"We support Hillary because she has a good infrastructure plan to invest in infrastructure and put our guys to work," said Pommella Wegmann, Clinton supporter.

Wilson says beyond the election, everyone needs to come closer together.


"A house divided cannot stand," said Wilson.

Milwaukee police at the event tells us they were expecting a crowd between 500-1,000. From our vantage point, it was definitely closer to 500.

Nyholt says after the rally, an organizer from the Clinton campaign apologized about the TPP sign encounter.



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