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“The right direction:” Trump supporters react positively to Green Bay rally

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GREEN BAY -- Thousands were in the crowd at the KI Convention Center in Green Bay, for Donald Trump and running mate Mike Pence's campaign event on Friday, August 5th.Trump rally3

The crowd was not disappointed in what Donald Trump had to say.

"First of all, that's someone you can trust. The way he talks, you believe him," said a Wayne Huempfner,Trump supporter.

"I loved it. I think we have to get back on track and get things going in the right direction and I think he's the one to do it," said Jan Grosskopf, Trump supporter.

"I'm excited. I'm angry at those Republicans that didn't show up that should have been here," said Ken Grosskopf, Trump supporter.

People were lined up outside the KI Convention Center ahead of the event on Friday.

Some were excited to see Donald Trump speak -- saying he is a breath of fresh air in politics.

Erica Smith has been to three Trump rallies already.

Erica Smith

Erica Smith

"He's very educational, very inspiring, he's a great teacher," said Smith.

But not everyone at Friday's event was there to show support.

"I think he's dangerous and I think he's inciting hate in this country and it's just wrong," said Penelope Morden, protester.

Protesters lined up across the street of the KI Convention Center, in opposition to Trump.

"He's kind of the big ringmaster. I've got this big show, let me show you, but there's nothing behind it, he's all bluff," said Deanna Bisley, protester.protesters

Although protesters were outside the event earlier in the day, there weren't any disruptions inside.

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