“Sad day in America:” Republican Wisconsin Assembly speaker calls out Donald Trump

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Assembly Speaker Robin Vos

MADISON — Republican Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos says he is embarrassed about Donald Trump being the GOP presidential nominee, calling it a “sad day in America.”

But he tells The Associated Press that he’s not rescinding his support for Trump because he says Democrat Hillary Clinton would be worse.

Vos wrote a column Friday in advance of a Trump rally in Green Bay. He calls Trump out for saying “stupid things” and for praising House Speaker Paul Ryan’s primary opponent. Trump also said this week he was not ready to endorse Ryan.

Vos says “we are Ryan Republicans here in Wisconsin, not Trump Republicans.”

In the interview, Vos says Trump needs to apologize for his comments about Ryan.

None of the top-ranking Wisconsin Republicans are going to the Trump event.


  • Reasonless

    Even though I’m not a big Trump fan, Vos needs to realize that due to the spineless actions of the Republican Party in the past eight years if not longer, that the people are fed up.
    I personally disagree in the way Trump comes across, but the numbers prove that many people like him.
    And as far as Mr. Vos goes; he should have worried about this months ago when the party presented so many weak choices to run for President.
    Trumps competition from the Republican side consisted on nothing but old baggage and or others that ran off of a swollen head as well.
    Perhaps Mr. Vos’s true worry is that if Trump actually wins this election, that Vos along with many other spineless Republicans will be held accountable for their past and current actions.
    Unless Vos and others like him from the party want to see Hillary win, they need to put on their big boy pants and unite. Are these clowns so dumb that they don’t realize when they spout negativity about their candidate that they potentially create a vote for Hillary?
    Vos spouts off about “A Sad Day In America.” This didn’t happen overnight Mr. Vos. You along with your party have built this problem over the years. Accept the responsibility for your failures and move with or step aside before you get trampled over the top of.

  • Reasonless

    One more thing Mr. Vos.
    Why do you think Trump beat all of the other Republican candidates?
    Do you think he cheated?
    News flash Mr. Vos…..
    Trump got this far because of votes.
    This should tell you and other party members like you that the people are tired of the crap that your party has been cranking out for the past several years.
    All of you politicians, from both parties, have been making one common mistake for the past several years. That mistake being that once any of you get into office, you forget to listen to the people that actually pay your salary.
    Most all of you take on this elite status of King or Queen with the attitude that you know whats best for the people without really listening to the people. You worry more about your benefits and wages more than you worry about big business leaving the US and Obama Care being crammed down out throats. If you had to take Obama Care instead of your elite package that we the people pay for, you would show a little more concern about how messed up the system really is.
    You want to talk about a “Sad Day In America”, these are the things that make this day sad.
    I think regardless of what party wins this election that unless these politicians are forced to live under the same rules and benefits that they force unto the working people, that we will never see any kind of positive change.

  • Al P

    Thank You Reasonless for both of your comments. I agree with them 1000%. You have said what I have been thinking for a quite a few months now. I just don’t think the establishment Republicans have a CLUE!!!

  • Tad

    Because of Donald Trump as the republican presidential canditate, it is actually a hopeful day in America. While Mr. Trump is a loose canon with his words he is throwing out the window this idiotic idea of political correctness which has been destroying our society for years.

  • Buster

    The status quo fears Trump and that is WHY we should support him. He will bring about real positive change in America. Not the weak and costly kind of change that Obama has given us.

  • Nancy Williams

    Really! If it is so sad for you Vos then leave America. We the real voters think it has been a bad 8 years for us. Get out dont let the door or our foot hit you in the ass. We are tired of you Rino’s Reps lying to us and letting the Obama Administration kill America and taking jobs for the NWO agenda of Globalism. Go to the Middle East and see how long you last.Or move to Europe and see how long you can last before a Muslim of Islam takes your head off.

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