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2 motorcyclists killed in crash with pickup truck near N. 6th and McKinley

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MILWAUKEE — Two men are dead following a crash involving a pickup truck and two motorcycles that occurred near N. 6th and McKinley Avenue.

According to police, two separate motorcyclists were traveling east on McKinley Avenue, when a pickup truck, operated by a 21-year-old man, made a left turn in front of both motorcycles and they collided.

Both male riders, ages 36 and 25, were thrown from their motorcycles and officials say they both died at the scene.

The investigation into this crash is ongoing.

Monitor FOX6 News and for updates on this story.


  • hell in a handbasket

    Where was race mentioned in this article? Sober up and do something positive today besides being a lunatic.

  • Mark

    Just amazes me the number of drivers out there who just see right through motorcyclists, like they’re not even there.

    • Nate Jr.

      Since we don’t know all the facts let’s not rush to judgement. Anyone who has been a licensed driver for more than 10 years has probably observed some motorcyclists driving recklessly.

      • Joe

        And motorcyclist have seen their number of drivers not paying attention when making a left turn! Motorcycles are harder to see, so take a second look. If you take a basic riders class, you will have a different perspective of the road! Rip riders!

      • Steve

        There is reports that these two bikers were racing going 100 + mph.If that is the case the driver of the truck didn’t know the speed they were going and thought he had time to cross. Tragic accident, and if they were racing I don’t think the driver of the truck should be blamed, but I will wait until the investigation is complete and the facts revealed.

      • BossLady

        So does that justify my brothers death? Cause of what someone else has done? That’s a poor comment #BikersLivesMatter

  • BossLady

    First off they were not racing just out for a ride enjoying what they loved to do both was expecting fathers and good guys would help anybody its disrespectful to the family and friends and loved ones people in cars need to watch out for these bikes …and further more loud pipes saves lives that driver couldn’t help but to hear them but drivers always think they can beat the bike which is always a bad idea.

  • Jerry Maxwell Jr

    The 25 yr old was my baby brother God this is so hard he was my heart n life is miss u Deer my twin darn bro

  • Sassafras

    Jimmy sorry to disappoint you I mean I have nothing for the liberals, but in most instances a helmet Isn’t going to save us anyway. Personally I feel that I hear and see better without one. I carry plenty of insurance and since I’m old enough to serve in the military why can’t I decide? I really don’t need my government as a babysitter. Vehicles/cages turning left in front of us accounts for half of all bike related fatalities. These aren’taccidents . They are caused by carelessness and inattention. I’m truly sorry their families and loved ones. MLH&R

  • Steve

    Looks like MPD is going to file homicide charges.If they weren’t racing how does the second bike end up a block away ? Smashed into a fence and couldn’t stop for a city block ? Article says they were at a high rate of speed, = racing . I am sorry for the families loss, but I don’t see how hanging a 21 year old kid is the right thing to do.

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