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U.S. Marshals arrest Robert Dorgay, man who cut off GPS bracelet during trial

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MILWAUKEE — U.S. Marshals have arrested Robert Dorgay in Mississippi. The 31-year-old man had cut his GPS monitoring bracelet and did not show up to his court hearing on July 29th. Dorgay was found guilty of charges including strangulation and suffocation, false imprisonment and sexual assault.

Robert Dorgay

Robert Dorgay

Authorities say Dorgay was arrested by the U.S. Marshals Service in Jackson, Mississippi, on Saturday, August 6th.

Dorgay’s trial started on Monday, July 25th — and Dorgay’s parole officer testified that on Tuesday, Dorgay disappeared. Chad Schepp testified that he received an alert indicating Dorgay’s GPS device had been tampered with. A monitoring center traced the bracelet to a cemetery on Lincoln Avenue.

“The device was in a row of gravestones on the other side of the fence within the cemetery,” Schepp said.

The strap had been cut — and Dorgay fled.

According to a criminal complaint against Dorgay, he met a woman at the Sleep Inn on South 6th Street and confronted her about a past domestic violence incident. The complaint says he choked her and forced her to write a recant letter while threatening to kill her and her daughter.

The prosecuting attorney pointed out a state statute that says if a defendant shows up for the beginning of a trial and then disappears, the trial goes on without him or her — so it did.Robert Dorgay

Dorgay’s sentencing has been scheduled for September 23rd.


  • A Wallace

    How about some journalistic integrity and give some full disclosure to the public that the reason fox6 is so determined to only report the negative and not report the full truth is because the DA on the case is married to one of your employees. Maybe if you actually researched instead of blindly believing your source in the DAs office you would then be able to report about the piece of trash trial he was being forced to go through. Tune into CBS or ABC if you want to get the full story about how incredibly biased and unconstitutional the judicial system in Milwaukee is set up.

    • Jake Taylor

      So did he not cut the ankle monitor or what? Was be not convicted? What parts of this story are false? Please enlighten us.

    • Shonnie

      Who cares if he would’ve been black no one would care about his constitutional rights. The weirdo did the crime now face the consequences and do your time like a man! He’s not a lawyer he can’t decide that cutting off a braclet is the best option! Stop making excuses for him because he’s white and privileged!

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