“This race was very personal:” Assembly incumbent files restraining order against opponent’s husband

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MILWAUKEE -- FOX6 News has learned Christine Sinicki, a candidate for Wisconsin Assembly, has filed a restraining order against the husband of her opponent.

A recent fundraiser at Humboldt Park near Howell and Oklahoma in Milwaukee for Sinicki resulted in court action.

Christine Sinicki

Christine Sinicki

"This race was very personal. I've never dealt with an election like this before," Sinicki said.

Sinicki, the incumbent state representative from Wisconsin Assembly District 20 went to police after a confrontation with her opponent, Julie Meyer's husband at Sinicki's fundraiser at Humboldt Park.

Sinicki's son recorded it.

"My opponent's husband decided he wanted to join us and it was very clear right from the start that he wanted to try to cause some trouble," Sinicki said.

Julie Meyer

Julie Meyer

Julie Meyer, who lost the primary election Tuesday, August 9th to Sinicki, said her husband and young son coincidentally ended up at Humboldt Park at the same time Sinicki's supporters were there.

Julie Meyer

Julie Meyer

"He was out all day with my son. My husband and 11-year-old son were taking a break from knocking on doors all day at Humboldt Park. While Rep. Sinicki was giving her speech, she invited him over and initiated the confrontation. Her son and husband got aggressive with my husband," Meyer said.

"Mr. Meyer started yelling 'come on, big guy. Come on, tough guy,'" Sinicki said.

As Mike Meyer was leaving, Sinicki says police suggested she get a restraining order against Julie Meyer's husband.

She did.

The political newcomer and the incumbent do agree on one thing: It's not politics as usual anymore.

Christine Sinicki -- Restraining order against Julie Meyer

"This is not the way politics should be. It's absurd. Outrageous," Meyer said.

"You look at what's happening nationally -- nobody talks about issues anymore. It's all name-calling and finger-pointing," Sinicki said.

Sinicki said she got a temporary restraining order for the next few days and will not ask for a permanent one, or take this further.

Meanwhile, Meyer said she plans to run for office again in the future.

Christine Sinicki/Julie Meyer

Christine Sinicki/Julie Meyer


  • gop Union Member

    Typical Faux 6 and Myra Sanchick reporting. Both candidates are democrats and Myra conveniently left out party affiliation.

    • The one who needs no KEYBOARD to hide behind

      Makes no difference what political affiliation they are. Both sides bicker, name call and finger point like bitter little kids. There are hardley any stand up politicians out here, Demo-rat or Re-puke-ablin.

      • gop Union Member

        You are missing my point. Had these two been Republicans Myra Sanchick would have taken a play out of Theo Keith’s book and used the term Republican or Conservative about 6 times. But when they are from the party that Faux 6 admires there is no mention of party affiliation.

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