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“3 stolen vehicles; 6 suspects in custody:” Cudahy squad involved in pursuit with stolen vehicles

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CUDAHY -- A police pursuit left behind a path of destruction in Cudahy, near Mallory and Packard  Friday, August 12th. It ended with multiple vehicles damaged, including a Cudahy squad, and half a dozen suspects arrested.Cudahy crash

"It's a difficult and challenging circumstance," said Cudahy Police Chief Tom Poellot.

One which Cudahy Police Chief Tom Poellot says began when witnesses reported spotting a van near the intersection of Kirkwood and Squire.van

"I saw three people get out of the car, and they kind of rotated places in the car," said Brittany Chojnacki, witness.

The chief explains the car, a grey Dodge Stratus, along with a Dodge Neon, were both spotted driving recklessly by police.

When a traffic stop was initiated, the Neon crashed into a traffic signal, where Mallory Avenue meets Packard.

Two suspects in the Neon then ran to the Stratus, but...

"A police officer blocked the path of the Stratus, and is immediately assisted by a citizen who comes up from behind and uses his vehicle to stop the escape of the Stratus," said Chief Poellot.

cudahy crash


After two suspects were pursued on foot, a total of six suspects were captured by police.

Meanwhile, a supporting officer raced to assist.Neon

All told, the chief finds some relief in the results.

"We have three stolen vehicles in impound. We have six suspects in custody. So, we'll see where the investigation takes us, from here," said Chief Poellot.

The first place the chief hopes it takes investigators is where they can ascertain the true identities of all the suspects in custody.Cudahy squad

While they believe at least some of those being held are minors, without a positive ID, investigators cannot be certain.

Google Map for coordinates 42.946551 by -87.859960.



    Sounds like a wild scene….great job by the Officers and a citizen who still cares about his community.

  • SAD

    Sadly the pathetic voters in the County will have voted back into Office the current D.A. Chisholm just in time to re-release these lowlifes back into the community.

  • Michael Neils

    Every time I comment that they used to hang horse thieves they delete it. For some reason instead of researching history they think its a RACE thing when it actuality men, women, of any race and religion were hung for horse thieving. Yesterdays horses are todays cars. Cars are how we get to work (livelihood) and take children, spouses and the elderly to see the doctor. We use them to get to the grocers, pharmacist, and clothiers. In olden days horses were used to get to the mercantile, the grange and the doc/barber/dentist. Ahhh, the good old days. Where CRIME was punished and deterred. Not like today when you are expected to replace your stolen car from your money tree. Pay for your increased car insurance do to the theft. Find a way to work while you shop for a new to you car, and get absolutely no money from the THIEVES to pay for any of it. The THIEVES get a slap on the wrist, if that. They are left out and about to VIOLATE again and again.

  • KatiLu

    Send those brats to bed without their supper if they won’t give up their names. They’ll talk when they get hungry enough. Be sure to set a pizza in the hallway for them to sniff, too.
    Kudos to the quick thinking civilian who blocked the car in to prevent escape. Would love to have heard the comments from the little rats trying to run. Oh, shucks, gee, gosh golly!

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