“Praying for him:” Vets send well wishes to Gary Wetzel; Medal of Honor recipient hurt in motorcycle crash

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MILWAUKEE -- Showing support for one of their own. When a Congressional Medal of Honor recipient was injured, it garnered a quick response from his fellow veterans.Solly's

Vietnam veterans meet at Solly's Grille for breakfast at the right side counter every Friday.

To laugh, to chew the fat and reminisce. But this Friday, is just a little different. This Friday, they're focused on Gary Wetzel.

Wetzel survived an 11-hour battle in Vietnam, in which he was shot, stabbed and lost his arm -- now, he is in a La Crosse hospital.Gary Wetzel

They're sending well wishes to Wetzel with words, including: "Tough it out, you old war horse," and "Get back here and see us soon at Solly's" -- you know, encouraging guy stuff.

Wetzel was on his way to Sturgis, South Dakota, where he was to receive the 2016 Freedom Fighter Award and be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Gary Wetzel

Gary Wetzel

About 30 miles outside La Crosse on Sunday, while going about 60 miles-an-hour on his motorcycle, there was an accident and Wetzel was seriously hurt.

"We have Gary's spirit with us right here and now and we want our names in front of him to that we're always there looking and praying for him," said Joe Campbell, Vietnam veteran.

The signature page will be transferred to a customized card.Solly's

"It'll mean brotherhood to him and hopefully it will give him that incentive to get well because he got pretty banged up in the motorcycle accident," said Glenn Fieber, Vietnam veteran.

Wetzel has spent decades advocating for veterans issues, and founding veterans organizations.

There's always a seat waiting for him alongside his brothers, at the counter of Solly's.

Gary Wetzel

Gary Wetzel

"We miss you because we need you paying for this(laughter) so get well Gary," said Campbell.


  • Michael Cefalu

    My prayers for his quick recovery. Met Gary in there late 80s while sipping a beer at Chapter 1 Vietnam Vets Post. ( Liquid Charlies ) Super down to earth nice guy. Also read about how he got his Medal of Honor, like ten times because I was in total shock that one true red white a nd blue American could give more in one day for his country than you or I could give in a life time.

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