“Going to be very difficult for him:” Manitowoc residents react to Dassey’s overturned conviction

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MANITOWOC-- One of the main subjects of Netflix's "Making a Murderer" documentary has had his conviction overturned. Brendan Dassey could soon be walking free.

Even if you haven't watched the documentary, you've likely heard about the cases at its core. The film series follows Steven Avery and his nephew Brendan Dassey. The pair were arrested for the murder of photographer Teresa Halbach. Dassey was only 16 when he was arrested. He later confessed to helping his uncle rape and murder Halbach.

However, a federal court ruling overturned the conviction of Dassey Friday, August 12th, calling his confession coerced.

Manitowoc residents told FOX6 News the case has captivated the town since it happened in 2005. The Netflix film, followed by Dassey's newly overturned conviction have once again made it a favorite talking point for locals.

"Look at what the family, the Halbach family is going through again. They shouldn't have to go through that one more time," said Randy Ayotte.

Dassey could be released from prison in 90 days, unless prosecutors decide to appeal the case.

"This kid has spent probably half his life in prison and now they're going to bring him out into the real world and that's going to be very difficult for him," said Lori Decker.


  • Bruce

    The Halbach family is once again victimized by the so called justice system. This dim wit Dassey was
    either directly involved in the murder of this young woman or involved in the cover up. He deserves
    to be locked up in any case to protect the public.

    • Anna

      Hey Bruce, The “Halbach” family is vicitmized? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? A very Retarded Kid is in prison and coerced by a corrupt Judicial System! I should probably be gentler on you since I can safely ASSUME that you have never watched “The Making of a Murder,” and that you do indeed have a single figure IQ. Can you count to Three?

  • First Last ET AL

    thoughtful commenter,
    How can the Halbach family be victimized by the release of an innocent person deemed to be of simple nature and an inexperienced minor to boot?
    Are the right’s of “Dim-wit’s” less than all else? Should “dim-wit’s” all be locked up for our own good? My brother would be called this by the Police whom said that he was OK when he wasn’t each time before he was beaten up so bad his bones were sticking out broken in half. The Doctor said he would have to amputate both feet from gangrene sores – Not broken in half bones. My brother was a mental patient with diabetes who lived in Manitowoc -Two Rivers for close to 3o years. 30 years and no one can ID him? The Police are keeping his ID secret with the FOIA request refusals. The Police told me this dependent person whom sister was taking care of with the estate monies of his mom was the town screw up that was in horrible deteriorating shape – even the Chief of police admitted to his abjectly bad deteriorating health after he was found dead. Not a word until after his death. They must have figured that the Town would be better off if he was dead.
    I never got to talk to him from his arrest to the Hospital Discharge to the unfit for human life place 2137 33rd St had become under the care of a diabetic who was fed speed and beer by sister each time she was near. She lives in the area yet hadn’t seen him per police reports since our other brother was killed in Buda IL USA. She was on site immediately. The Police told me lies, either by the bad 3rd party data or on purpose or they are carrying out a known fraud to provide Racketeering support that is attacking our intellectual Property. I don’t know. I don’t know if this my brother. 6.5 months. I don’t know if this my brother because the Police won’t show me the pictures.

    When Police lie on paper or the phone it is worse than most all other people as it is law enforcement. When psychologists use the special skills learned to plant ideas and thoughts into peoples minds with lie’s and terror knowing the damage it can cause. When Police Psychologists are using force to coerce less trained and durable into confessing things they haven’t done then the stuff following the false confession ( See Nazi Tactics – scopolamine water boarding etc. ) is garbage. I am looking forward to seeing Avery of Two Rivers WI released.

    Are you thoughtful commentator so thirsty for blood and vengeance that the prospect of finding the real killers now and getting THEM off the streets and out of the board rooms and public offices, schools and parks is meaningless?

    Where do we draw the line between “dim wit’s” and humanity. What is your contribution to society / community etc.? What do you have to gain with keeping this pair in prison? Were you in on the All Hallows eve ritual? What is your IQ so we can determine your expiration date. Manitowoc Two Rivers has a different set of rules for challenged people – and those in the Club. So I am wondering are you in the Club? If you are then Why are people being cremated in Brown County WI Lyndahl Funeral Home rather than the resident town of Two Rivers WI? By the Coroner? Swinging business out of County for kickbacks? – Reportable the regular cremations are no charge to Curtis Green Coroner of Manitowoc County WI. This man was forced with extortion by the sister of Crane Lawrence Miller found † 02/20/2016 Two Rivers WI to lie under oath to destroy the body before it could be identified by the Legal Next of Kin. Is this Murder or make believe?

    A minor who was professionally bullied and tricked into making this so called confession that was instrumental in convicting Avery for the crimes a Satanic Group of revelers did on all hallows eve as a sacrifice and pinned on the guy who said no, is an I’m reading that Avery is getting released soon.

    I wish I was seeing the Photo’s and Video’s of the person being sold as Crane L. Miller now.

  • Anton Levey

    A REDNECK WITH A BADGE IS THE MOST DANGEROUS ANIMAL ON THE PLANET. (EXAMPLE PROOF: Look up the case of Lester Siler — tortured by small town cops wanting to rip him off.)

    Personally, I don’t think Hallbach (spelling) is dead. I think the whole thing was staged.

    Bones And Ashes? Perps got them from some Crematorium … probably some indigent old lady with no next of kin to pick up the ashes. Hallback is probably cruising around the country somewhere under an assumed name … driving a VW microbus or RV.

    Why? It’s cheaper for the county to pay her (and or her boyfried) 1 or 2 million $$ to stage her death instead of paying Avery 36 Million and claiming bankrupt status. If you do the math, a 36 million dollar settlement with Avery would have cost every man woman and child in Manatowac County a couple of thousand dollars per capita.

    What were Avery and Dassey accused of???? According to the sex offender AKA prosecutor (Kratz???), it was a RITUAL SEX HUMAN SACRIFICE complete with bone fire and a quickening (the Dassey boy) ON HALLOWEEN, OCT 31.

    Sorry, but, Avery is no High Priest. Instead, Wisconsans and Federales should be hunting for Aleister Crowley decendants in Manitowoc county, Calumet county, and maybe even the state capitol.

    1) By maliciously prosecuting Avery (and Dassey), they “stole” his ~$400,000 state settlement from his prior wrongful imprisonment — and prevented him from enjoying it, too.

    2) According to a statement(s) of a county authority(ies), they wanted to terminate the Dassey “gene pool”, too.

    3) By burning the alleged victim, Manitowoc County effectively shoved Avery’s prior DNA release up his backside, too — implying, “DNA ain’t gonna get you out this time. You are going to be a 13th Amendment Slave for the rest of your miserable life.”

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