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“The violence has to end:” Victims of Milwaukee Violence Burial Fund walk for peace

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MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee saw a violent start to the weekend, with five fatal shootings from Friday, August 12th into Saturday, August 13th. Many in the community are looking for ways to end the violence, while those with the Victims of Milwaukee Violence Burial Fund are working to help families give their loved ones a proper burial.walk for violence

Janice Gorden is the founder of Victims of Milwaukee Violence Burial Fund, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the financial needs of families impacted by violence.Victims of Milwaukee Burial Fund

Saturday, August 13th marked the group's second year hosting a 3K walk for victims.

The participation doubled this year. Organizers said sadly that's because violence plagues our city.

"The crime has to end. The violence has to end," said David Rehfeld with World Impact Ministries.

Rehfeld and his family were at Saturday's event supporting their church families who have lost loved ones to gun violence.

"This is an organization that helps on the back end. If we had the ability to halt all crime and violence, then organizations like this wouldn't need to exist," said Rehfeld.walk for violence

With each step came healing for Wanda Webb, whose son, Lajuan Lipsey, was fatally shot last year near 24th and Melvina.


"It's been very difficult," said Webb.

The pain of her loss is still so great.Janice Gorden

"Actually this is the first event that I've even gone to since my son. It's very hard to even get myself up to want to participate," said Webb.

Webb came with her grandson and met others who share her same story.

"That really makes me feel good. It just helps me out to be with somebody who feels and shares the same pain that I have," said Webb.

Together they will get through it.

Victims of Milwaukee Burial Fund officials said their goal is to someday financially support the families impacted by violent crimes.

A suspect was arrested in 21-year-old Lajuan Lipsey's death. The suspect's pretrial is scheduled for next month.


  • I support the Badge

    They can and come talk to me about burial costs etc when they care enough to do something about it and make a real effort to end the violence. Walks prayer vigils arent work havent worked and never will work.

    Till than I continue to reach out to Veterans who need help. 22 suicides a day by our Veterans is way to high

  • dylan

    families should take care of their own the veterans are more deserving,,, the community where this violence occurs should look at their family and social values long and hard.. blacks kill blacks everyday it seems… no regard for life… no regard for their community…they rob and steal and bad behavior=bad outcomes.. cremation is cheap..and no need for a big service if the family can’t afford it

    • I support the Badge

      100% in agreement. i rather help save a life than reward one who has no regard for someone elses.

  • Derek Thompson

    They should have been out on the streets last night peace-walking while the city was touched and destroyed. Maybe it’s time we just give in and let the animals roam wild….we could turn it into a reality TV show, the ultimate “Survival of the Fittest” game with guest hosts Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama!

  • RedHot

    Amazing that on their web page (under “about”) they encourage people to: “Report guns and their carriers.”
    Would it really be so hard to insert “illegal” or “criminal”, to make your statement applicable to your mission as well as morally justifiable?
    Or do you want people wasting the time of police with reporting good citizens?

    And I’m laughing at their signboard for their “walk”, the one with the “no weapons” sticker, as if they can prevent anyone on the street from being armed.
    Figure out how to stop criminals from being criminals.
    Stop focussing on a tool, especially one that’s used by good citizens to stop criminals.

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