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Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke requests mobilization of National Guard

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Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke

MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke has requested the mobilization of the National Guard in the wake of violence that erupted in the City of Milwaukee late Saturday, August 13th and early Sunday, August 14th.

Clarke made the request after consulting with Gov. Scott Walker and Major Gen. Donald Dunbar of the Wisconsin National Guard.

Clarke said the following in a statement as part of a news release:

“We cannot allow for a repeat of what happened (Saturday) night.  I am going to utilize all available resources to accomplish that.”

On Saturday night, violence erupted in the wake of an officer-involved shooting that happened near 44th and Auer on Saturday afternoon.

Protesters burned several stores, including the BP gas station at Sherman and Burleigh, Jet Beauty at 35th and Fond du Lac, BMO Harris Bank at 36th and Fond du Lac, O’Reilly Auto Parts at Fond du Lac and Burleigh and MJM Liquor at Fond du Lac and North — and threw rocks at police on the city’s north side, leaving one officer injured and three protesters arrested. Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said protesters had been using social media to draw more demonstrators.

Fire burns at gas station near Sherman & Auer in Milwaukee

Fire burns at gas station near Sherman & Auer in Milwaukee

Unrest near Sherman & Auer in Milwaukee

Unrest near Sherman & Auer in Milwaukee

Unrest near Sherman & Auer in Milwaukee

Unrest near Sherman & Auer in Milwaukee

What remains after unrest near Sherman & Auer in Milwaukee

What remains after unrest near Sherman & Auer in Milwaukee

What remains after unrest near Sherman & Auer in Milwaukee

What remains after unrest near Sherman & Auer in Milwaukee

Jet Beauty


O'Reilly Auto Parts set on fire

O’Reilly Auto Parts set on fire

Fire at liquor store near Fond du Lac & Meinecke

Fire at liquor store near Fond du Lac & Meinecke

It all started Saturday afternoon, when a pair of police officers stopped two people driving through the north-side neighborhood, police said. That led to a foot chase between the people in the car and police, which ended when an officer shot one of the two — a 23-year-old man who was armed with a handgun, authorities said.

The police officer “ordered that individual to drop his gun, the individual did not drop his gun,” Barrett said during a news conference later in the day. “He had the gun with him and the officer fired several times.”

The man died at the scene. It was unclear Sunday morning whether the second occupant of the car was in police custody. The officer who fired the fatal shots was not injured and will be placed on administrative duty during an investigation.

The unidentified suspect was shot twice, in the arm and chest, the mayor said. The handgun he carried had been stolen during a burglary in nearby Waukesha in March, according to police.

Officer-involved shooting near 44th & Auer

Officer-involved shooting near 44th & Auer

“The victim of that burglary reported 500 rounds of ammunition were also stolen with the handgun,” police said.

The officer who fired the deadly shots is 24 years old and has six years of service with the Milwaukee Police Department — three as an officer. Police provided no further details on the identities of the officer or the occupants of the car.

The officer was wearing a body camera at the time of the shooting, Barrett said. Any evidence from the body camera video will likely become a key part of the investigation, said CNN law enforcement analyst Cedric Alexander.

officer-involved shooting

“We’re going to see over the next number of hours and the next number of days what information [investigators] feel comfortable releasing to the public, Alexander said. “It think it’s going to be essentially important to get out as much of that video, as long as it doesn’t jeopardize the integrity of the investigation.”

“This is a neighborhood that has unfortunately been affected by violence in the recent past,” Barrett said. The shooting occurred near the same place where a double homicide happened on August 9. In that incident a man was shot dead and another was fatally stabbed, police said.

City Alderman Khalif Rainey said the area has been a “powder keg” for potential violence throughout the summer.

officer-involved shooting3

“What happened tonight may not have been right and I am not justifying that but no one can deny the fact that there are problems, racial problems in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, that need to be rectified,” Rainey said. “This community of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has become the worst place to live for African Americans in the entire country.”

Rainey said Saturday’s violence was a byproduct of inequities, injustice, unemployment and under-education.

“Something has to be done to address these issues,” he said. “The black people of Milwaukee are tired, they are tired of living under this oppression, this is their life.”

Local officials planned to meet with church and community leaders Sunday to discuss ways to move forward.

Unrest near Sherman & Auer in Milwaukee

Unrest near Sherman & Auer in Milwaukee

Monitor FOX6 News and for updates on this developing story.


      • BG

        This comment is directed solely at the racist that replied to Obama Sucks and not Obama Sucks his or herself. In other words this comment is meant for you, medcannabis1.

        There is nothing racist about it. While, I would not advocate shooting a non-violent criminal such as a shoplifter it is a different matter when dealing with a violent thug that place people’s lives and property into jeopardy and harms way. Innocent firefighters, employees, or security guards may have been killed by those fires set by those domestic terrorists. The use of deadly force against a domestic terrorist is not a manifestation of racism, it as a valid response to maintain public order and to protect the lives and property of the innocent. No, shame on you!

      • obozo.

        Mark this had nothing to do with race. Most of the police in that area where black. they took us white people out of the area months ago. This was about a person going on the internet on facebook and twitter and wanted to get payback for not being able to steal from the gas station, not getting a good haircut at the salon, scraping up your rims at the autoshop. if it was about jobs, why would you burn down your own businesses. If it was about oppression, then lower your crime rate and dont carry guns around. And your biggest problem are people like Rainey who want you to be like them and Oboma who in the words from the black community, is not black enouph. If you want to be thugs, then be thugs, dont cry about it. If you want to be like Rainey and Oboma act accordingly.

      • Stan Osburn

        MARK ZYCHE, you are exactly why this country has such a serious problem. Keep up the racist talk while you shout racism. Get a clue, no, better yet, get a life

      • Asilbial

        This country has trouble bc of criminal activities. I agree, no rubber bullets unless the thugs use them as well. Nothing the guy you called a racist was racist so you, dear, should follow your own advice and get a life. Maybe even a clue

      • RUTH


      • Nigel Gates

        The bit I don’t get about these BLM types is why are they so selective, it seems black lives only matter when it suits their purposes. A black armed criminal gets shot by a, presumably white, policeman and these clowns are protesting a policeman using self defense. Their idea of protesting is committing crimes, destroying peoples, burning shops so they can deprive people who are trying to make things a bit better for themselves a living and I’m sure in some cases the owners actually live above the shop. The plan for these BLM characters seems to be the same all over, whenever they get chance they loot, riot commit arson and makes you wonder about black lives at all or is it just used as an excuse to fill their pockets. There are exceptions however at a BLM rally in Dallas someone, a supporter of BLM opens fire killing 5 police officers and wounding 7 others Baton Rouge they murder 3 policemen and wound 3 more and this is where we get to see how BLM are when it comes to black lives mattering. In both instances the shooter was black and and killed by white police officers but BLM weren’t there protesting in Baton Rouge one of the policemen murdered was black, BLM didn’t care about him either. If BLM truly cared all black lives instead of just those that meet their agenda why aren’t the trying to stop gang wars, trying to keep those black lives safe? Those black lives don’t matter to BLM in fact one of the founders of BLM stated that if you say all lives matter you are a racist, the reality of BLM is that they are a domestic terrorist organization and should be treated as such but as O’Bama supports them they won’t even be charged with any of the crimes they commit, BLM has simply given blacks the right to commit crimes and the screwed up PC world we live in puts the blame for crimes they commit on the police.

    • Tabitha Smiles of Epoch Times Newspaper

      With the world the way it is, we like to soon have more looting and rioting happen since that is justice against corrupt laws and governments. I want ISIS to clean things up and they will do far better than the national guard because ISIS is a good Muslim Christian Organization and that I voted for Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi to come and replace Obama and Trump and for details, call us at 212-239-2808. Thank you for your service!

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      • Nigel Gates

        Absolutely they should get the national guard out when these black racists who have a problem with the police defending themselves are out on the streets committing crimes, including arson as these people in Milwaukee obviously have a problem with the police doing their jobs. Perhaps bring in martial law, do whatever it takes to get these racist thugs under control.

  • Roger James

    The black people of Milwaukee are tired, they are tired of living under this oppression, this is their life.” The only oppression that they are living under is what they caused themselves. Laws apply to black and white, but the black community thinks that those laws are oppressive to them.

    • RUTH


  • Jerry Lambert

    Thank you Sheriff Calrke. About time had the guts to tackle this problem the RIGHT WAY, not the chick– sh.. that the mayor (such as he is ) tries to evade. Thanks Sheriff.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Victor L. Edwards (@VicEdwards530)

      You have to be kidding. In those “good old days,” blacks were doing nothing more than sitting at a lunch counter or marching peacefully in the street. Now blacks are locked and loaded with every kind and caliber of illegal weapons known to mankind. You just have to be kidding. The other day a woman accidentally hit a demonstrator somewhere – no injury, by the way – and several black pulled guns while “marching peacefully” and shot at the car numerous times. Let’s stop kidding ourselves. This is utter rebellion and sedition. Put it down now with all force necessary.

  • Brinsop Dragon


    • Eric Neville

      don’t think it won’t happen. development money comes from banks and when they see the criminal element playing a leading role there they won’t release the money… LMAO!!!

  • SimonSez

    True, don’t need some type of “Martial Law” crap. But something does need to be done to protect the public.

  • Doug Waller

    Same old story. You run from the police carrying a stolen gun and refuse to drop your weapon, you’re probably going to die. How is this anyone’s fault but this genius! Play stupid games, win stupid prizes!

  • staythecourse (@MyBrothers111)

    Heres what the “white people” did here in Pittsburgh. We demolished the slums and rebuilt it into commercial zones and industrial parks which are thriving and made that part of town a desirable business location. Moved all the indigent people out and moved them to other neighborhoods and mixed them in and made them a part of a respectable community.
    But, as the years went on, in those respectable communities the gangs and fatherless kids took over and “white flight” started to happen and now the respectable communities are a drug ridden, criminal haven and are being systematically ruined , abandon buildings , car jackings, rampant crime are thriving there. So what does that say?

  • jeffreyfojtik

    Your wrong AmerFarm. I live in the black community with black people and have for five years. Slavery has nothing to do with this. That’s a pathetic excuse. The breakdown of the black family and the fact that most of these inner city kids grow up without fathers and never finish school. Your black President was supposed to give us “hope and change.” Where is it? The black youth unemployment rate is about 50% and not getting better. Truth be told, many black guys are good at making babi, but not so good at taking care of them. That burden has fallen on the black female who has to be the backbone of the family. They need to stop making babies with losers. There are plenty of wonderful black families here in Milwaukee, but they know how to take care of their children. Don’t misunderstand, there are white losers and losers of every color here in Milwaukee. But this destruction was done by black people with no justification. My ancestors were Irish slaves. You should learn about the real history of slavery before you talk about it. Read a book.

  • travelsbycar

    “Rainey said Saturday’s violence was a byproduct of inequities, injustice, unemployment and under-education” Well who’s fault is that? Surely not the white people pulled from their vehicles and beat!!

    • Kurt

      People keep saying the whites need to make the blacks lives better. Listen blacks it is up to “YOU” to make something out of yourself. Stop blaming the white man. If you don’t want then your life won’t “MATTER”.

  • Kurt

    Way to show your intelligence or lack there of. If anyone can improve this its Clarke.Hes tired of the blacks being such losers and a drain on society

  • p51d007

    Notice the lDIOTS standing around with their pants half down? What a bunch of punks! Here is a quote from another article from one of the protesters!

    “It’s sad, because you know, this is what happens, you know, because they’re not helping the black community,” the man said. “Like, you know, rich people, they got all this money and they not, like, trying to give us none.”

  • John Thorne

    “Something has to be done to address these issues,” he said. “The black people of Milwaukee are tired, they are tired of living under this oppression, this is their life.”

    You mean, the self-imposed oppression by lazing about in squalor on the government dime? By committing crimes and wondering why the cops chase you? By pulling a gun on a cop and having the gall to ask why you get shot?

    Pardon me if I’m not exactly sympathetic to your “plight”.

    • G.A Duncan

      Stop voting for Democrats that have created the situation. They just want your money and vote. When the government is in charge of spending money, they spend a 100 dollars of the 1000000 they promised you on you. Protest career politicians and lobbyists. We should stand together as Americans first and shut this country down till we have a referendum to vote on. It won’t take long until they hear us. Government wants us divided because in the end it’s the only one that prospers through more big government to solve the problem they created in the first place. You can only legislate equality to a point, then it’s up to you. We already have 1/10th of the country telling the other 99.99% what to do with men using women’s restrooms. I don’t believe in discriminating against anyone, but come on. If I am feeling kinda pretty that day do I have the right to use the women’s bathroom. I don’t think so. You are what you are born as. That’s the damn bathroom you use. Another example of government interfering in kids education. Little children don’t need to learn about sex in school. They will learn about it soon enough.

      • Seriously serious Joe

        Those numbers do not add up! Lol A 1/10th of a population is 10% Then that 10% tell the 99.99% what to do. That all adds up to 109.99% Lol

  • Captain Obvious

    Milwaukee is the worst place for blacks to live? Sorry, Rainey, I call BS on that. You’re full of crap.

    • Asilbial

      I just really want to segregate. We’ll get the land they’re alotted back within 5 yrs if not sooner as they can’t support any way of life for themselves. Plus they’ll kill eachother off. I have this all planned out in my prejudiced little mind. 😆

  • David P Mulloy

    WOW…… I think I will Jump right Up and Support the word of Someone Named “KALIF”!!
    I say David Clark should do whatever he sees necessary to protect his County!!
    From what I have seen, he is one of the “Few Prudent People” left in Milwaukee!!

  • Tim Warner

    Memphis is a majority black city. The City government has been black dominated for the past few decades. In other words, blacks are running the city, including the school system, the police department, the hospitals, etc etc. for the black citizens. The schools are failing , i.e. “under-educated” graduates; unemployment and welfare among blacks is ridiculously high, drugs, gangs, violence, burglaries and other crimes are rampant. Don’t tell me that blacks are oppressed, unless you mean by other blacks. I have absolutely no sympathy for the blacks and the kinds of protests Milwaukee just experienced. That will not serve to change things for the better for anyone.

  • Barclay Hinson

    This isn’t some “cause”. This isn’t more of that vague leftist fantasy of “social justice”. These are run of the mill criminals looking for an excuse to act like criminals. They have become the shock troops of the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party has become America’s Sinn Fein and these thugs are their I.R.A..

  • John Lubovinsky

    Yeah ! And any person knows if you point a loaded gun at a cop you will surely get shot . Nothing about race here ,
    Just don”t point guns at the police and then play the race card .

  • Larry Long

    Not a word on the enemy owned mass media here about the black mobs attacking and beating white people. In fact all these riots are orchestrated by the mass media.

  • kramcon

    All part of this admin’s plan, invoke marshall law, suspend the election and the current pres. gets an extended term.

    • Seriously serious Joe

      OH shut up! Go put on your tin foil hat. Push those metal tacks into the bottom of your shoes to stop the Ultra low frequency radio waves from pulsating throughout your body causing electrical shocks. Lol. Stop reading that crap on Alex Jones website!

  • Steve

    The plight of the negro poor has worsened the last few years ? Even with free food,housing ,healthcare, and cellphones, and a NEGRO president ? Your argument makes you look as mentally challenged as the rioters.lmao

  • Alec (@CaptainLoveBoob)

    Lets not pretend this was an innocent person shot for having a picnic with his kids. He was a violent piece of trash who was pointing a gun he couldn’t legally have at a cop with the intentions of killing said cop. Make no mistake people there is a race war brewing and I for one plan on eating popcorn from the safety of my own home. This is what police are dealing with down there. Personally I hope they kill each and every one of these leaches

  • Rita Winton

    When you reach a point of no return and a human decides to take just completely destroy. Then by all means bring in the national guard that is what they are there for

  • Jan Ziegler

    It’s about time!
    It is in no wonder that Sheriff Clarke would be strong and intelligent enough to ask for the Assistance of the Nat. guard to help protect his city and it’s citizens, the people whose lives DO MATTER. We are in a civil war in this Country, lawlessness is running rampant and police officers are in extreme dange. There is no respect and no stopping these disgusting, violet thugs. They are so stupid they are killing each other and have no respect for human life. They are being paid to destroy cities, and ruin this Country and Obama has fueled this whole problem along with his administration.

  • phacepalm

    BS! This is not the 1960’s
    .MLK also said, “I have a dream that my four little chldren will one day
    live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color
    of their skin but by the content of their character.”

    In today’s society…… Anytime a black gets their “Character” judged they throw the race card or riot.
    This is not acceptable anymore.

    • Asilbial

      Ya, the ones who have no jobs and have time to sit on the freeways. If one of these monkeys came up to my car and tried to open the door and pull me out, sob would be effing flat. Again, no open casket.

  • Angel

    Your life is what you make it, go out and get a MF job, I’m tired of paying for you. You spend all day Makin kids so we can pay for them.

  • Tony

    Sounds like the alderman is pandering to the worthless rioters. What a piece of crap. Go get em Sheriff Clarke!

  • Carl Hoffman

    In 1965 it was Watts Riots. now its every where, and I would like to see who sending them to riot. Anyone not a local goes to jail, tell real property owners to arm themselves and to defend their property with force. Guard to have full arrest powers and anyone seen committing a felony subject to being shot on sight. We are a nation of laws or we will not long be a nation.

  • JoseyW

    Better Idea, Teach your black neighbors to obey the law, stop when the police tell you to stop, drop the gun when the police tell you to drop the gun….learn from this….then NOBODY gets shot, its THATSIMPLE.

  • BooHooBlacky

    Sadly.. These idiots are still blaming white folks and everyone else for themselves not being able to abide by the law.. How about some black accountability? That might help! Talking about privilege, must be nice to blame all your problems on your skin tone..

  • Alice Bowen

    Milwaukee City Alderman Khalif Rainey said “This community of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has become the worst place to live for African Americans in the entire country.”
    “The black people of Milwaukee are tired, they are tired of living under this oppression, …”
    Rainey said Saturday’s violence was a byproduct of inequities, injustice, unemployment and under-education.

    And who’s fault is it that there is “under-education” and “unemployment” ? Theirs and Yours “Alderman” Rainey. Why do you choose to fan the flames of a perception of inequities and injustice on anyone other than those wallowing in it, burning down their own community in it? You said the violence “may not have been right….”. MAY NOT – for God’s sake man, you are a government leader! Take a stand and condemn the actions of the lawless heathens! You are the government, what have YOU done to make the situation better in the “worst place to live for African Americans in America”. I seriously doubt that’s true but you sure do step up to the plate to give them an excuse for their dispictable actions!

    • G.A Duncan

      All he can relay is the democratic party talking points, when we all know that they just want their money and votes. They have sold out the black man just like the rest of us and it’s about to come to a head. I don’t agree with everything that police do, like shooting an unarmed veteran in a wheelchair, but we need to let things play out to find the truth. Didn’t see anybody burning anything when that veteran was shot.

  • ellen grafelman

    Equality is important, but to be equal you must do as the rest. If they are unemployed, they have 24 hours in the day to form work groups to clean up the area,
    They could be teaching themselves and others to read, write and basic education. Instill a moral code to their children that the way out is to work, no matter what task! To bite the hand that feeds you and pit your race against another only prolongs your struggle.I would guess to say for any city that a riot occurs all welfare will be canceled until the rioters rebuild it, lets see how long the SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER last.To all the hard working,law abiding citizens, show them the way or let them keep you under the oppression

  • Mike

    I can’t say these city council people are idiots, but they do not look outside of the box for solutions. They make comments concerning the lack of employment for people in their communities, and the lack of education for people in their communities, yet, they offer nothing different from the same old status quo that has been going on for decades.
    They never look outside of the box for solutions to these problems, they never consider lowering or eliminating corporate taxes for a 2-3 year time frame so to lure corporations into their areas and increase the employment rate,. they never think of instituting a different type of education system into their communities that would actually work. They never think of looking at different education systems that has been tried and has worked in similar communities all over the nation, then instituting that type of education system into their communities. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result . Apparently, these City Council members are Insane.

  • G.A. Duncan

    Their plight has worsened under the democratic party. They just want your money friends. They are not there to help you. They promise the world for your money and vote, but you have to realize government doesn’t spend money wisely. They pay 300 % to much and get 70% of what they paid for. It usually goes into the hands of a few rich donors. The first thing that needs to change are career politicians that don’t know how to make a living on their own. They are all in it together, why do you think the Republican party won’t support Trump. That should be proof enough that they are all together. Make no mistake, this country was sold out 25yrs ago. Foreign countries should not be able to buy our sovereign natural resources. That is a national security issue that weakens us. Do away with all lobbyists. They sell out our country for greed. Everything is as the Bible says it will be in the last days. If the private sector was allowed to handle a lot of these issues, there would be lower taxes stimulating growth there by helping to pay down that thing called the national debt which is the biggest threat to our security. We need to all be Americans first, if we don’t have a country the rest is pointless.

  • Keith

    It is really sad how people categorize all blacks or all whites or all hispanics, etc. Sorry that you think we all behave this way. The media only shows the negative things that happen in our community. They don’t show the hard working upstanding citizens that also live in this community. My mom has been a homeowner in this area since 1992 and raised her family there. 3 out of her 6 children have college degrees with a 4th soon to join. The 2 others served in the military. Your hatred and ignorance for what you are either afraid of or don’t understand only fuels what happens. There are hundreds of people in that area that love living there and want better for their families just like others do. So before you display your ignorance, try not to add to the ignorance that was displayed by those that felt the need to destroy this wonderful community. I am willing to bet that a majority of those that were involved probably don’t live in the Sherman Park area.

  • CSWebber

    “This community of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has become the worst place to live for African Americans in the entire country.The black people of Milwaukee are tired, they are tired of living under this oppression, this is their life.” – City Alderman, Khalif Rainey
    Well, maybe the black people of Milwaukee should stop voting corrupt Democrats like Alderman Rainey into office. Milwaukee hasn’t elected a Republican mayor in over 100 years. Democrats control the city.
    Hello Black people – are you listening?? The Democrats who used to support slavery, have enslaved you. Wake up and smell the coffee burning! You will never get ahead in their rigged system lead – and yet you are going to keep voting Democrat?
    Sorry, but you reap what you sow, folks!

    • G.A Duncan

      Sorry, but you don’t have the right to take what you want. Work for it like everyone else. Stop voting for Democrats that have created the situation. The one thing you learn from the Bible is life is not fair, thank the original sin for that. If it hadn’t been for that, we would all be eating fruits and vegetables and singing praises to God. That is the one true God, not that thing those Muslims pray to. That is Lucifer, the god of the moon. Not all created equal. The next thing you learn is the Bible is not against slavery. It clearly states you are a bond servant to someone. It’s your choice who you serve, God or satan, it’s your choice.

  • Nigel Gates

    A black criminal gets shot dead while trying to evade the police, if he hadn’t been breaking the law it wouldn’t have happened, the only person responsible here is the criminal

  • Red307

    You know what I find most hilarious about this incident? CNN failed to report as they were burning down the buildings they were chanting BLACK POWER. And another thing CNN didn’t say in this article was how random white pedestrians were being targeted and attacked by this mob. God forbid CNN shed light on the fact that the BLM is a racist cop hating group.

  • Ellyn George

    In 1968 my first husband and our first baby daughter bought a home on 57th St 1-1/2 blocks south of Burleigh. It was a multi-ethnic neighborhood, tree lined, filled with Milwaukee bungalow-style homes and some up/down duplexes. It was safe to walk even at night and I loved pushing our daughter’s stroller to Burleigh to stop in at the wonderful kosher deli. Our 2nd daughter was born at St. Joe’s and, for a time, I worked there feeling perfectly comfortable with walking to work. This was our dream home and we had all been through the Milwaukee riots at which time the National Guard was also called in when a few of those in what was referred to as “the ghetto” burned down their own homes and businesses. We could hardly blame them, the slum lords at the time were ruthless and appalling. Now, after seeing this happen again, I have to ask myself, who are the slum lords now? Who has let this area go? Who is responsible for the daily life of this once very wonderful area? Some helped clean up the destruction and I’m sending a big hug to you all for doing the right thing at a rotten time. I will pray that your fear does not overcome you during this time. But who is responsible for the living conditions there now? Everyone who lives there is responsible.

    • BG

      Scott Walker should move to designate Black Lives Matter as an organization that promotes domestic terrorism in the State of Wisconsin and slash welfare payments by ten percent in the affected neighborhood to pay for the cost of the riots.

      • Seriously serious Joe

        You know that cash welfare payments do not exist anymore! Daycare assistance does but you have to work to get that! Lol There is no assistance available for a person who is childless and single. It has not existed since the 92′ – 93′ welfare bill that slick willy Clinton signed into law! 16 some years latter dip sticks think there is still money given out just because! The big corporations are the ones who get it only now! Lol

  • O'dawg

    The African Americans have made it the worst place for African Americans to live in this country. It is their fault for the violence. It is there fault for the problems in their community. To blame others for what they do is doing themselves a disservice. As soon as they realize they are the solution, there will not be the problems. If the neighborhood stands up to the criminals and support police efforts, their quality of life would improve.

    • G.A Duncan

      They act like a bunch of Muslims who are mad because we tried to give them flush toilets and toilet paper. I don’t care if they have it. Just shows that you can’t give people free stuff.

  • Bill Hill

    72 rounds in the gun? Where’d you get that? People must respect the law and the law enforcement system; otherwise anarchy will result. If they don’t and think they can do whatever they want, they’ll be hurt. That’s the way it should be because that’s the way hard heads learn best – the hard way.

  • Bill.c

    Somebody ,anybody please explain why you are burning down your own community because the police shot a thug with a gun…….

  • G.A Duncan

    Sheriff Clark sure seems like a stand up guy. I wish we had a sheriff like him. All we have is the same good Ole boy we always have.

    • BG

      If I had one criticism about Sheriff David Clarke it would not be directed at the David Clarke himself but rather his electorate. By, all rights Sheriff David Clarke’s political philosophy is that of a conservative and by as much as the Republican Party apparatus still upholds the conservative values that it claims to represent, David Clarke, by all rights should be a Republican. Unfortunately many of David Clarke’s constituents are more concerned with a man’s political label, rather it a R or D, than the character of the man that they vote for. If Sheriff David Clarke ran under any other ticket than a Democrat he’d be defeated by many of the same people that vote for him. I have dream that a man will be judged, not by the color of his skin or political label, but by the content of his character.

  • joel a tompkins

    This is Terrorism plain and simple it’s time to start using weapons on these people and stop them from destroying this town. This group is instigated by Obama and Lynch so they should be held accountable for anything that happens during this attack. Obama wants to inflict as much damage to this country that he can before he is done. The only thing he is forgetting is when he is done with office he will be fair game and they will get him. And he will spend the rest of his life in prison and so will lynch!

    • G.A Duncan

      It’s only terrorism if it is against anyone but white Christians or a hate crime. After all usin’ white people are all guilty, that’s why they are killing their own people and enslaving them with drug addiction. There are no jobs here either, but I don’t think I will be rioting. Maybe I should come and take something from the black man, but we are already accused of that anyway. Here if you want a job about the only choice is prisoner or prison guard. I had guard duty in the army and being a babysitter to a grown ass man is not my idea of a job, so I drive 55 miles one way. It’s just us white people here, no union jobs so no blacks would want to live here.

  • G.A Duncan

    Clarke probably had to run as a Democrat to get elected because a lot of his constituents were black but he is so common sense that he would appeal to any one. I would vote for any candidate regardless of party if they can get the job done. We need more common sense in government. The problem is when they get up there they are spending someone else’s money.

  • Keith Alexander

    Alderman Khalif Rainey, You’re in a position to do something, yet you just keep saying “we need to do something”. You, Alderman are the problem. You are the one responsible for this mess. You and your fellow officials have the opportunity to do something about the problems, yet you do absolutely nothing about it but blame racism, call it oppression, and take your tax-dollar check to the bank. The person shot had a gun according to this story and was told to drop it, he did not, officers took appropriate action and discharged their weapons – what would you have done alderman? run home and change underwear? – most likely. Everything is NOT racism and hate, some – most – of these idiots bring this on themselves. There are exceptions and none in their right mind can deny that. This at this moment seems to be justified.

  • R

    I agree. I worked for him for over a decade. He has no honor. Will say anything to get elected. That’s all he cares about. Fame and power. Can’t wait for the day when some scandle he can’t cover up brings him down.

    • G.A Duncan

      Yeah why can’t they pull their pants up? I couldn’t stand to walk around like that. Is that the thug life?

  • Craig Mann

    The reverend made a good point. Where is the anger black people kill other black people? That is acceptable? Put a badge behind the shooting all the sudden the blood spilled seams to be more red?
    The fact these folks destroy and burn down their own community, only makes outsiders believe they just hate each other. High unemployment rate? Probably because theyre destroying businesses

  • Loren

    So sad that certain people choose to violently destroy other peoples property, when those who do their job to provide safety and protection for the public, have no choice but to use deadly force to stop people exhibiting a life threatening danger to those around them. When, and if, man finally realizes that God’s word addresses all of the struggles in his heart, and man actually begins applying and obeying the principles of God’s word, incidents that occurred in Milwaukee will be a thing of the past. Key word, “IF”.
    Here’s an example of what God’s word says that applies to this and other recent upheavals…found in Romans 13:1-5
    “Let every soul be subject to governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God. Therefore whoever resists the authority resists the ordinance of God, and those who resist will bring judgment on themselves. For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to evil. Do you want to be unafraid of the authority? Do what is good, and you will have praise from the same. For he is God’s minister to you for good. But if you do evil, be afraid; for he does not bear the sword in vain; for he is God’s minister, an avenger to execute wrath on him who practices evil. Therefore you must be subject, not only because of wrath but also for conscience’ sake.”

    • G.A Duncan

      He’s in a heavy golf game. He won’t speak until his peeps are in the white man’s peril. We have free speech so you don’t have the right to be offended. Act like adults and agree to disagree and go on. The police are just doing their job. P.S. don’t approach or run from officers with a gun in your hand. They tend to frown upon it and you might get shot. Any color! If I remember my military training, looters are to be shot, so consider yourselves lucky. Declare martial law and dare them to riot.

  • G.A Duncan

    If it’s white people who say something, you’re a racist. If it’s black people who riot, they are empowered. We have free speech. Nobody has the right to be offended. We just need to grow up and act like adults.

  • Tina M. Vifquain

    Black Lives Martyrs ” Self ” for Black Life Agenda !!! Racist Hate !!!
    Responsibility Matters for All Lives !!! Responsibility Matters !!!

  • G.A Duncan

    Sorry, but you don’t have the right to take what you want. Work for it like everyone else. Stop voting for Democrats that have created the situation. The one thing you learn from the Bible is life is not fair, thank the original sin for that. If it hadn’t been for that, we would all be eating fruits and vegetables and singing praises to God. That is the one true God, not that thing those Muslims pray to. That is Lucifer, the god of the moon. Not all created equal. The next thing you learn is the Bible is not against slavery. It clearly states you are a bond servant to someone. It’s your choice who you serve, God or satan, it’s your choice.

  • G.A Duncan

    He may have, but I think there are guidelines for looting. Shoot them is the one that came to mind from my time in the military.

  • Jim Dunn

    Black county sheriff. Black officer shoots black thug….and the dumb ass blacks are beating up white folks. Go Figure.

  • Russ Henry

    Living under oppression? Gawd this line is getting old … nobody can do ANYTHING about their situation but THEM … stop having kids out of wedlock, stop dropping out of school, start showing and having responsibility for your own actions … has a stolen gun from ANOTHER felony theft, won’t drop the gun when ordered to by police, and gets shot – AND THIS F-ING IMBECILES RIOT! I’m done … let them burn their entire neighborhood and homes down … no assistance will be coming – they should make it law

  • Robert Cooper

    Rainey said Saturday’s violence was a byproduct of inequities, injustice, unemployment and under-education. “Something has to be done to address these issues,” he said. “The black people of Milwaukee are tired, they are tired of living under this oppression, this is their life.” WELL THEN QUIT VOTING FOR DUMOCRATS YOU FUCCCKING MORONS!!!!

  • Kenneth Michaels

    Thank Obama and the democratic party for your lack of jobs and living conditions in Milwaukee. The dems want to keep blacks dependent on them and things will never change until we get the democrats out of office.

  • Greg

    Just another dead Thug off the streets. People wantto Riot over somebody with probably a long rap sheet who was shot and killed but Society is better off with just one less thing in the world. But I guess the thugs protest over other Thugs who were killed protest. I can’t believe people get so upset over some guy who is a lifelong Criminal that is killed. Basically all it is is just taking out the trash permanently but I guess seems like people like their trash

  • Asilbial

    Please just let the black cops and national Guard go in there. Then there will be peace right? Uh ya right. This isnt black and white, it’s black and everyone.

  • Vicky LM

    I totally agree Charles, I would vote him in for President in a heart beat, wanted to send him an email to suggest just that, but didn’t know where to send it :)

  • obozo.

    so, Rainey. do you think these African Americans want to be educated, equal, employed like you and Oboma? Do you think putting up a school over the remains of that gas station that didnt like blacks (probably because they where trying to do a business at that location) do you think they would goto school? How about putting up dealership oh wait there was a dealership there, they burnt it down. Or perhaps a job with the police or ambulance, oh no I said it. You are wanting them to be you…and its not helping the African Americans with that attitude.

  • sparkles!

    How many of these black people shooting each other. Every day after day, we read about homicides on the North side. Do these people riot and burn down their own communities when this occurs? No of course not. However, when they are released from jail, they are commit the same crimes and the DA, again releases them out in society. Slap on the wrist. So they commit more violent crimes which warrants officers to their jobs. And then when one of these thugs get shot and killed, then the rest of the tugs say ‘Justice” By that they mean burning down their own their businesses in their own communities. Which are minority owned. What purpose does this serve???? You criminals complain that there is no where to shop. Well who in the right mind would set up a business in your neighborhood, when you rob, steal and murder your own people?

  • Bob

    Nobody should be shot unless they cause harm to someone or property. Curfew should be set and strictly enforced.

  • Joe

    I suppose Mr Rainey has been “oppressed ” into the halls of government leadership. Glad he can find someone to blame since he is doing such a great job of helping his neighbors.

  • Michael

    Yeah that’s it. Burn down all the stores and resources you have in your town. Thats so smart. That will really show them cops you mean business. Dumb asses!!!

  • Michael

    Burn that city down idiots. Maybe Milwaukee can be the new Detroit.
    Idiots like you that want to destroy other people’s businesses and lives should be put in jail for life. You disgust me!!!!
    I lived in Milwaukee for 13 years and that’s the kind of mentality that made me leave. I hope they leave everything the way you left it so you have a reminder how ignorant you are….look that word up cause I’m sure you don’t know what it means. Idiots!!

  • Chris Conrad

    To David Clarke – While you have the legal authority to enforce law in the City of Milwaukee, your primary charge in this instance is Sherman Park. If you feel the need to bring in the National Guard to defend 6 square blocks of picnic tables and trees, then bring them in. But the Milwaukee Police Department did an outstanding job of de-escalation yesterday – a job that bringing in soldiers would have made all but impossible. I noted in the police department’s press conference this afternoon that the police department had coordinated well with the county sheriff’s department “at an operational level”. Sheriff Clarke, the Milwaukee Police Department is leading on this, and I think you need to start trusting your underlings at operation levels, and the judgement of Assistant Chief Harpole and Chief Flynn. Otherwise, you will appear to be soapboxing.

  • Dr3yec

    Hope the cops use all videos to prosecute these individuals for hate crimes. Now I completely understand why there are zero jobs in this community. Attacking white people and chanting black power made me puke. Racist trash.

    • Miss Kitty 48

      Racist seems to be the default go to word for everything that people like you don’t agree with. Why all of a sudden (in the past 8 years) is everyone a “racist”? That word is soooo overused it has lost it’s desired effect. Quit playing the race card & take responsibility people! Own it! There are things in life we call “Choices”. It is up to the individual to make the right choice. Watch this funny video & maybe you will get a clue.

    • AK Johnny 1

      You know what Angela? Your can take your lame, dated race card, put a light coating of oil on it, fold it 5 ways very neatly, and shove it up your @SS. That lack of ownership and complete deflection of responsibility is EXACTLY why regular folks are DONE with the progressive movement! You burn it? YOU OWN IT! Welcome to life.
      If ghetto folks do not want to be hassled by police, then DON’T COMMIT CRIMES OR BREAK THE LAW!!!! This isn’t hard….

    • RUTH


  • Erik Smith

    Most of the comments on here make me sick. Do you guys not see how big of a problem this is? Look at what things have come to. 1) I am NOT for any of the violence that has occurred and I think a lot (not all) of these BLM are the violent type. I believe that a lot of these younger people at these “protests” are there just to either a) be on tv or b) they think it’s cool. 2) The problem is that there are actual “thugs” that show up to these things and they mix in with the others there, and considering the generation produced by the violence in Milwaukee, these young kids are already impressionable and see the way others act (mainly the thugs) and almost are brain washed into thinking that is the way to act. I know tons of black people and not one of them are out protesting this bull crap, nor are they out there getting arrested. I admit that police seem to have targeted black people in the past however these days I don’t think that’s the case. I think in a lot of these circumstances, things get out of control because black folks get scared and this entire thought of police being against them makes them not want to comply, which part of me understands. I have yet to see one city leader speak to these black folk and tell them to comply with police and have their day in court. I haven’t seen that ONCE! We need to stop all of this nonsense and think about the future of this country. I have children and I’m scared to death what things are going to be like for them when they get older because as it stands right now, we are headed in the wrong direction….MAJORLY. Enough with the “shoot them all” talk and let’s start finding a way to put an end to this! I’m as frustrated with anyone, but just as most of us say to these BLM people that you don’t answer violence with violence, well same goes for us. Set a damn example and stop making things worse!

    • robert e powell

      What we should be teaching those poor young black kids is if you loot,burn,and attack innocent people is…..consequences you do stuff like that you can be shot. Very simple.

  • debra

    These are not about race!!!!its an excuse to control like bullies tosee just how far they can go..GOD BLESS Milwaukee law officerI

  • Mike

    Taking somebody’s life should be the last resort. Just because somebody don’t follow orders doesn’t give him the right to kill. The officer is highly trained and I’m sure he will win in a gun fight, if a weapon was pointed @ him then that’s a different story.

  • Ray OfLight

    The subtle (but more sinister) racism is the double standard that excuses blacks for attacking police and rioting against innocent people and their businesses. It’s as if to say that they cannot be expected to adhere to the standards of the rest of the human race.

  • Jack Mark Hughes

    City Alderman Khalif Rainey said Saturday’s violence was a byproduct of inequities, injustice, unemployment and under-education. “Something has to be done to address these issues,” he said. “The black people of Milwaukee are tired, they are tired of living under this oppression, this is their life.” Maybe it’s because Milwaukee has had mayors from the Democratic and Socialist parties since 1908. Hmmmm?

  • Jim Black

    We don’t need mealy mouth leaders making stupid comments ““What happened tonight may not have been right” it just exacerbates the problem at hand and undermines the authority of the Police Force and those that investigate the incident. He’s not the expert and sure doesn’t know what happened at this point. Such comments just stir the pot and incite the already volatile situation. Call a press conference announce a full scale investigation is underway and findings will be confirmed by a community affected panel of respected leaders and findings will be released on (give a no later than date). Then let the professionals do their damn job. Lately watching these people open their stupid mouths reminds me of the trash and conjecture that spills out of live news media mouths at the scene of a horrific live news event, when they are afraid the competition will out-scoop them.

  • Pray for Milwaukee

    Aren’t the police to serve and protect…isn’t that what they were doing???I am so tired of black cultures crying the racist card…stay home, (not on the streets) work hard, (not receiving government assistance) and keep only what belongs to YOU!!! (not the gun you were holding) That means thugs stop stealing and start working…let’s have a Miss White USA pageant or a Miss White America…oh we can’t cause the blacks will riot…I was never racist but I have become racist…When a police officer goes to work they have every right to stay safe and go home after his shift as the thugs do. We need to keep all our police officers safe so they can protect us from just this sort of criminal.

  • Brian Taylor

    The typical formula: “What happened (riots) MAY not be right…BUT…” followed by justification for the riots, followed by an extremely inflammatory statement to promote further riots, i.e. that Milwaukee is the “worst place in the United States for black people to live” – unquestionably not true. This is what we get from the black leadership in this country, repeatedly.

    I consider them domestic terrorists, who should be dealt with accordingly.

  • Rudy

    Living in Newark New Jersey the dude was riding around in a rented car with a stolen gun you already know he was up to no good he just got caught up at the wrong place at the wrong time

  • Jeffery

    The ONLY oppression is the government induced reliance on the government tit couple with their own self-induced oppression of laziness. Gee! We be oppressed – let’s burn down the hood we gots, dat’ll fix our oppression…. Just like the scenario in Baltimore – not being reported by many is the fact the shooting officer was black – with a nationally known black Sheriff – Uncle Tom’s I would presume in ghetto mentality – shooting an ARMED hoodlum told repeatedly to drop his STOLEN firearm….. This dead idiot is only a victim of his own stupidity.

  • BG

    The alderman is a disgrace. The protestors are no more than domestic terrorists period. It is a characteristic of terrorists everywhere that they always target the lives and property of innocent people than the government they allegedly have a dispute with. If Governor Walker was a man he would, arrest that alderman and the Black Lives Matter terrorist organization for inciting violence and a riot. He’d also make the hoodlums pay for their rampage by slashing welfare payments in the affected neighborhood.

  • Had ENOUGH!

    “This community of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has become the worst place to live for African Americans in the entire country.”

    This, coming from their own alderman. Fix it! You dumba**! This is why they voted you in! It’s your job to improve the community!!!!!

  • John A Vanbrunt


  • tom

    Hard to blame race here. Black Cop Shoot Black Thug. Great job officer, i am glad you are safe. Any Alderman or human being that thinks its ok to commit another crime (Arson, Burglary, or whatever crime is committed) is an idiot and is a part of the problem. Always want to blame someone else. Criminals are not victims and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. And if you are to ignorant to obey the orders of the people who are paid to protect the innocent, not the criminals, they should be prepared to pay the price. Think about it must be a reason more blacks are being shot than whites, and it is not because you are black. You want respect, stand up for race, and stop protecting every criminal and thinking they are victims. I get that some black are treated unfairly, but this is created because a number of blacks think it is ok to commit crimes and ignore the request of officers.

  • RUTH


  • AR

    incredibly ignorant on every level. This is a result of the 1960’s “Great Society” political garbage, the end of the black nuclear family, the poor educational opportunities, the riff raff of the Democratic politics which has rared it’s ugly head since 1908, the removal of the black father and the inclusion of the government as his replacement. It goes on and on.

  • Asilbial

    Agree with u 100%. I’m also sick of the panty waste whites sticking up for their oppression. They’ll beat your ass just like every other whitey they see. Time to bear arms.

  • James Cape

    Why is always said that the blacks are suffering because of where they live and/or who they are? Black people have just as much a right as anyone else to better themselves if, they aren’t happy in their present circumstance/lifestyle. Why is that someone has the mindset that because another person has made a living for themselves that, he or she deserves a piece of anothers gain? Get a job for yourself. Make it on your own.

  • Maurice Harrell

    And Black people will stupidly elect the same Racist Democrats because Democrats (the Party that created the KLU KLUX KLAN, Jim Crow laws, and segregation) believe that Black Lives don’t really matter just like Blacks who vote Democrat never actually believed their own lives mattered. It was only when Blacks became Democrats did they start calling each other the N-word. That’s why all the Black on Black Violence is ignored and Black Democrats are brainwashed into doing the Klu Klux Klans dirty work by Burning their own Neighborhoods to the ground. Congratulations Liberal Democrat Black People. The Black Democrat HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE REAL UNCLE TOM. Its time for a BLACKLASH. Its time for my fellow African Americans to vote bLack to the Republican Party because we still believe in setting people Free!!!

  • Mike Jorganson

    Democrats have been in control of most big cities for decades. Ask them why do they not do a better job of “Promoting the General Welfare” . Baltimore, Chicago, Atlanta, Saint Louis, Detroit, Los Angeles…..

  • Jay ND

    Time to let all the poor baby mamma’s cry as they attend hundreds of funerals ! Enough of this lawless sheit from these Pieces of scum!

  • Judi

    These rioters need to wait for the FACTS before destroying their OWN neighborhoods!! Wouldn’t the good ppl want this lawless theif out of their midst???

  • Dan

    What no one is talking about is the business owners…they just lost (most likely) everything…and it had nothing to do with them…as a business owner…this would be tough to handle and over come…all the hard work they put into opening up and operating a small business…and then is just all gone…they were part of community…building it up…it is just sad….

  • Jay Jones

    Why do they burn the neighborhoods when they are pissed off at the cops? Why don’t they burn down the police stations??

  • Dan

    Gee whiz! You missed a very basic point when saying that the officer “…will be placed on administrative duty…”. This is SOP (standard operating procedure) for almost every law enforcement agency. Was this overlooked intentionally to give the appearance of some impropriety on the part of the officer, or was it just sloppy journalism? Also, I take issue with your quote, “Rainey said Saturday’s violence was a byproduct of inequities, injustice, unemployment and under-education.” Why is it a “byproduct of inequities, injustice, unemployment and under-education”, and not a byproduct of a criminal with a long history of criminal activity once again making another stupid decision to run from police with a gun in hand? When does the blame for committing these crimes finally get placed where it really belongs…on the shoulder of the person who made that conscious decision to commit the crimes? Pretty sloppy “investigative journalism.”

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