Police: 8-10 people arrested on premises of old “Escape” nightclub during apparent rap video shoot

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Milwaukee Police Department

MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee police tell FOX6 News a number of individuals were arrested Sunday, August 14th — accused of trespassing at the old and closed nightclub called “Escape” near Teutonia and Mill.

We’re told the group of people were trying to film a rap video.

The arrests took place around 4:15 p.m.

Police say between eight and 10 people were arrested after police received a tip that someone was on the property. When officers responded, a couple of the people on the property tried to flee, but they were caught.

The others stayed and police questioned them.

We’re told most of the people arrested will receive municipal citations, and they will be released Sunday night.

One will be held for an out-of-state warrant, pending a court appearance.

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  • Klaatu

    Smart people – nobody got shot. See? Municipal citations!!! Pay a fine for trespassing and be done with it. Make a video elsewhere and wait for fame and fortune to find you another day………………life is good!
    GO BLUE!

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