“It’s real simple. Stop:” Gov. Walker briefed by Milwaukee police on unrest, calls for calm

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MILWAUKEE -- Gov. Scott Walker visited one of the Milwaukee Police Department district headquarters on Monday evening, August 15th to receive a briefing from city and police department officials and visit with officers in the wake of unrest this past weekend. Walker met with Police Chief Ed Flynn as well as Mayor Tom Barrett.

Gov. Scott Walker

Gov. Scott Walker

After that meeting, the governor spoke with reporters and had a message for anyone considering violence in Milwaukee tonight and in the future.

"Stop. It's real simple. Stop," Walker said. "If businesses are burned down, people are afraid to live and work there. It's only going to make those problems more difficult."

The governor pointed out that both of his children were born at St. Joseph's Hospital not far from the Sherman Park area -- and that he had involvement with the Boys and Girls Club there. Walker said the unrest in that neighborhood is in no way a reflection of the vast majority of the people living there. He said Sherman Park is a special park.

Unrest in Sherman Park neighborhood

Unrest in Sherman Park neighborhood

Gov. Walker reminded reporters that Wisconsin is the first state and to date, one of the few states, that requires an independent investigation anytime a law enforcement official is involved in a shooting that leads to a death. That is not done internally -- as was done prior to the state law.

"We're hopeful that people will go to their homes and make sure that particularly our kids of all ages that we're accountable for, it's an important time to just ease things up," Walker said about the stricter enforcement on the teenage curfew in Milwaukee.

Earlier, Gov. Walker also met with members of the 32nd Military Police Company -- which is standing by ready to help in Milwaukee if called upon. They are simply activated at this point -- not deployed.

Pastor Gregory Lewis

Pastor Gregory Lewis

Gov. Walker did not go to Sherman Park on Monday evening.

Meanwhile, Pastor Gregory Lewis was one of those ministering near Sherman Park on Sunday. Lewis thinks the violence, sparked by the officer-involved fatal shooting, has forced the hands of elected leaders.

"Dialogue isn't going to be enough this time, I don't believe. People have to see something happening," Lewis said.


  • Cameron

    Yeah, it’s real easy, just stop. Perhaps Walker should have gone to the area and told everyone…hey guys, just stop. I’m sure they would have all dispersed.

  • Dave Smith

    You can’t stand the Sheriff’s ass. Maybe because he is working his ass off protecting the community. Not sitting at home making his ass fatter like yours on your EBT card. Shut the hell up you looser. The Sheriff is a good man protecting his community , everyone in his community , all races. You are quick to call out racism but are racist in your thought and comment stating the Sheriff should only perform his duty for his race exclusively.

  • Cassel

    Ask not what David Clarke can do for his own race, ask what his own race can do for themselves. Absent fathers and single parent homes? Don’t get pregnant and have multiple children that you can’t afford to take care of or don’t know how to take care of. Want a job? Go to free public school, pay attention in school and put in effort. Do you think that anyone speaking the way you do based upon your comments will have any chance at a good (or not very good) job? Pull your head out of your own ass!

  • LoveMyHome

    So now we see…. BLM reps riot, burn and destroy when apparent dangerous lawbreakers die in the line of duty to what End? Degrade your community, destroy your businesses, harm your local residents. Lewis is right. Elected officials should ask themselves why they are wasting other legitimate taxpayer’s resources on a section of community that has no sense of self respect, by letting the likes of BLM or the Democrat Party represent them in this matter. The community is obviously crying out, “not to have Law applied where they live! Let chaos rule! Let us destroy ourselves! Who needs Law and Order? Let us demonstrate the ability to kill ourselves with no discretion, taking the innocent first!” Maybe that is considered inflammatory, or someone will be offended by these thoughts. Most folks on the outside looking in, are not really offended by the recent insane response to the attempts of keeping the peace and applying the Law. Most of us are just amazed at the full hearty foolishness behind the promotion of the response of rioting at all levels, community and government. Way to go Lewis! Something should be done about removing the application of law in a lawless community! Individuals Like Gov Walker will most likely work to bring Order to the chaos and insanity despite the Resistance. It’s hard to Change the convictions in individuals like him, about a group of people being beyond his efforts to attempt to help no matter how hard they try to destroy themselves !

    • the truth

      Its crazy how u suites can’t wait to group every black person together but do we group u all with the school shooters ,priest rapist ,serial killer ,pedophile ,parent killer for the mind and the old but good kill the whole family.

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