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“They knew each other:” Sister of Sylville Smith says officer who shot her brother was no stranger

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MILWAUKEE -- We are hearing more from the sister of Sylville Smith, the man who was fatally shot by a Milwaukee police officer on Saturday, August 13th. In a FOX6 News exclusive, the sister reveals the previous connection between her brother and the officer.

Milwaukee police are not releasing the name of the officer who shot Smith, saying threats have been made against him.

Sherelle Smith

Sherelle Smith

Sherelle Smith says that officer is no stranger to her family.

"The boy knew my brother personally from high school. They knew each other. You knew exactly how my brother was and you shot and killed him," Smith said.

During the interview with FOX6 News, Smith said she is skeptical of the ongoing investigation, adding that if body camera footage shows her brother holding a gun, she still will not believe the officer was justified in firing his weapon.

Sylville Smith

Sylville Smith

"If my brother did have his gun in his hand, why he didn't shoot back? If he's gonna go out, why not go out with a fight? Why not go out with a big bang?" asked Smith.

As for the unrest that has followed the shooting of Sylville Smith, his sister condemns the looting and burning that has happened.

"Violence is never the key though, I'm not saying that. I don't want anyone to be violent," Smith said.

Sherelle Smith

Sherelle Smith

Smith also struck a somewhat ominous tone.

"If we don't have answers, we're gonna find them and we're gonna find them our way. We're not find them y'all way no more. We're not gonna compromise no more," Smith said.

At the same time, Smith called for unity.

"I invite any color, any gender, any race, any age to come have fun with us. Come to our parades or come support our barbecues or our rallies or our stop the violence things, you know. It seems like we're so segregated. And it's for nothing. It's for nothing," Smith said.

Sylville Smith

Sylville Smith

A Milwaukee police source confirms the officer involved in this shooting incident did attend Pulaski High School with Sylville Smith.

The decision to release body camera footage from the shooting rests with the Wisconsin Department of Justice -- which has not yet indicated when that video will be made public.


  • jamille

    It doesn’t matter how long his criminal record was. It doesn’t have anything to do with that night. And actually he wasn’t a felon charges were dropped. Look his name up and see how long the criminal record was. Not very long smh. But you’ll believe anything the media tells you fools. He was being harassed by mpd 7th disrict and he won that case. I smell a cover up and will not be participating in any more comments until footage is released. If it ever will be!

    • Myhumbleopinion

      I find it interesting that certain segments of the population readily claim that the justice system is broken because officers are never convicted, but fail to realize that many people that are indeed criminals are never convicted as well…I find the charges of witness intimidation as well as the accusation that he was in possession of a stolen firearm and ammunition “interesting” contextual details…

  • Dylan

    I hope the can get through their grief and get back to their jobs and continue being the productive citizens I am sure they are..(sarcasm).

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  • Melissa

    The father may have had his own criminal history, but I do commend him for maning up and admitting that he failed his kid. It is a shame that it took the cost of his child’s life to see that, but he has. Perhaps that enlightenment may lead for him to change his path and help others. The mother also was asking that there would only be peaceful protest and quiet in the community after the death of her son. Everyone who did otherwise was jist looking for an excuse to act out and put on a show.

  • M.M.

    I like your comments- life is hard work especially as a single person but it can be done. Sick of those who don’t take accountability for themselves. Growing up, I went to MPS and money was very tight, but my parents never made excuses and it wasn’t an option for me or my siblings to not attend school and respect our teachers.
    I watched some recorded footage online that was apparently was taken by one of the rioters (very disturbing) and in response to your question as to why they’re not filling out job applications, these poor oppressed people apparently don’t know they can pull up the job websites on their $600 iPhones.

  • Vladamir Untruksur

    Yeah, he knew him. That’s why he shot first. He knew he was a gang banger and a thug. He knew if he didn’t shoot first he would have been dead. Little man got what he deserved and Sherelle, the answers you are looking for won’t come from the police department. They have to come from within.

  • phacepalm

    The good hard working black folks need to SOME HOW separate themselves from the non- working, drug dealing, illegal gun carrying & blame every one else thugs & the thug mentality. These LAME ASS JUDGES need to put these young & old terrorist thugs in prison & keep them there! The thugs are winning at the moment & in the process are making you all look bad. You can be proud African Americans & have a safe community.This is not an easy nor perfect solution, but I think this could be a good start.

  • Chrisco

    What a lady. I love it that she said no matter what the evidence show, he was not justified to shot him.

  • Hobbs

    Wow, nice fluff reporting Fox6. So he knew the criminal in high school 6 or 7 years ago. So what? They clearly went different paths and I would be willing to bet they didn’t keep in touch. But wait, when you’re a cop you should stop when a gun is pointed at you and ponder if this is the same guy you went to high school with years ago. Plus why do you keep giving this chick screen time? This is the same person that tried to incite a riot by calling for the burning of the suburbs she should have been arrested.

    • CandyK

      Yes I am very disappointed in MPD for not arresting this women for trying to incite violence against white people living in suburbs. Isn’t that conspiracy ? She must mean white people because she does believe that black lives matter. THATS A HATE CRIME! Enough MPD. Not all black people are thugs they are only silent out of fear. Get the thugs off the street. Enough with the black politicians as well as white politicians kissing black thugs butts. Just because they are the loudest doesn’t necessarily make them the majority. Tell it like it is if you are a criminal you may get shot or go to jail.

  • Charles

    Don’t pull guns on cops!
    No Sympathy for idiots that pull guns on cops or the dumb azz family members that condone pulling guns on cops. The sister sounds so stupid! No wonder Milwaukee is so messed up. Nothing but the blind leading the blind. Milwaukee is the new Detroit!

    • Mark

      now Clemmy……. what did we talk about? Let’s not use those potty mouth words. It’s almost nap time…. did you have your cookies and milk yet?

  • Sheila Moyet

    They were from the same neighborhood and went to the same school. One became an officer of the law while the other became a thug. They were bound to meet up some day.

  • Clem

    This story is deeper then what people think. If he was running what fear this officer had for him to shoot? If he had a gun and he pointed it how he point? Behind his back while running?? I truly believe this was a natural cause of bullying. Its clear,the officer and Sylville went to school together so they know each other. This officer specially wanted to become a officer to kill this man. That’s not right

    • Cameron

      That has got to be one of the stupidest things I have ever heard. If that were the csse, don’t you think he would have already found him and did it. Dude, the stupid on this one hurts.

    • Mr, Crowley

      So you think this cop was like bat man, got assaulted as a teen by this gang banger and decided he was going to spend his life trying to get justice from him? Oh man, thats priceless. He studied his way through the academy with laser focus, his eye on the prize. Once he finally made it to the streets he knew vengance would soon be his, he set out to find the perpertrator of the lunch line bullying he endured for so long. Hahaha..ok you write the rest

    • TheTodd

      “If he had a gun and he pointed it how he point? Behind his back while running??”

      Do you really think he was facing away from the officer when he was shot? If so, then why are the entry wounds from the officers bullets on the front of the body? Sylville was facing the officer.

  • Wingman

    Well of course he held onto that grudge for 6 or 7 years, knowing they would meet in a police chase,that he would be armed and point that stolen weapon at him giving the perfect opportunity to exact revenge. Man the stupid is thick in some folks.

  • Milwaukee Girl

    Speaking on Miss. Smiths comments about other races joining in on their activities and showing support. It’s really hard for anyone to do that when there is constant violence. You have idiots shooting at any point day or night. Can’t park your car and get out and join in because you may not have a car when you come back. When they are shooting….it don’t matter that children/women and elderly are in harms way. You can be robbed at any point or jumped for no reason other than being the wrong color. Don’t act like these are non-issues. This is why people don’t show support, it’s not that they don’t want to, but their are realities and choices. I choose to be safe. I choose to keep my children and possessions safe. Nothing will change until something changes and it will have to start in your own communities.

    • Bob Owens (@bob_owens)

      Clem, Smith turned to fire and was raising his stolen gun when he was shot in the chest. Stop apologizing for your criminal friends, and try to become a contributing member of society before you suffer a similar fate.

    • ALLY

      Of course not all blacks are criminals! But he was shot in the chest not in the back! Stop believing everything you read on social media!! And what makes you say the cop had it in for him? Because they went to the same high school??? His sister didn’t say there were problems between them, just that they went to school together. Your comment doesn’t make any sense.

  • MrsK

    Seems to me she is making terrorist threats. Anybody else would be arrested. The other day she was telling people to take the burning and looting to the suburbs. Glad she’s saying that races should come together but they were going after white people the other night so it’s not necessarily safe. Too bad her brother didn’t be one a cop like the other kid did.

  • AllLivesMatter#NotOnlyBlack

    Psss, she calls for peace. That’s a lie, she the one aggravating the purge on. Don’t join the parades they might kill us all to satisfy their urge to kill. Remember they try attacking all white on 8/13 who drove through the Sherman park area. Just because the officer knew the guy back in the days, don’t mean nothing. The guy knew what he was getting himself into when he went out there with a gun. Stop blaming others, but yourself for you own stupidity.

  • Z_2k

    Sherelle Smith says “”If my brother did have his gun in his hand, why he didn’t shoot back? If he’s gonna go out, why not go out with a fight? Why not go out with a big bang?” That;s what she would expect someone in the situation of being pursued by LE to do…that’s what she would do: shoot it out; go out with a big bang. She’s as much a thug as any of the others.

  • Klaatu

    I’m glad FOX6 is publishing this crap. Thank you for showing anyone who will watch or read these newsposts that the people involved in this latest fiasco who are supporting the dead thug are uneducated, delusional idiots. So the cop was supposed to let this thug shoot first?.. or worse let him go because he knew him? You need a new set of values sister! Your POS brother deserved to be shut down years ago. Finally a cop got the job done when our judicial system failed several times. GO BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Kids pay attention: If you follow the tribal mentality, drop out of school, give up on personal goals and expect the world to be handed to you, you too will embarrass yourself in front of millions on social media.

  • karen

    So let me understand this. So a police officer should not shoot when he tries to pull someone over, they run from the police and have a gun in their hand. Mind you he has a record for drugs, intimidating a witness, robbery and several other charges. Your brother was given alot of chances to do the right thing but he chose to run and pull a gun on a police officer. He obviously was up to no good or he would have stopped.

    • Sadformypeople

      In a traffic stop, cops run your license to see if you are a danger or have any warrents. As the officer was doing this, the teo tried to flee by foot. Them fleeing, rather than sitting in the car, with their hands on the steering wheel, identifies them as trouble and a threat automatically. It is known that they were told to drop their weapons, but that they did not. He allegedly raised a firearm to an officer. Now, his brother has a video out there showing a carry and conceal permit, and stating that this is the government’s way of tricking black people so they can shoot em dead. Given this individual’s criminal background, I don’t know that he could obtain one of these permits. Even if he did have one, it isn’t valid in a situation such as this, because he pointed a gun at an officer. Rule one of gun ownership is respect the weapon: do not point it at a target unless you have intent to shoot. You do not point a gun at a person unless that person has intent of harming you. He may have felt threatened in the situation, but by pointing a loaded weapon at an officer, he was aware of the outcome. Also this was a gun that had 23 rounds. What kind of gun was he holding? I saw a picture of him holding up a mack. That is not a “self-defense gun” to carry around. Do we have any information on this other person who was a part of the pursuit? His name and status was not mentioned by any media, nor people involved in the community unrest. Is it safe to assume this other person dropped their weapon, and that is why they were not killed? To everyone on here: I know everyone has a different opinion of these events, but please stop with the racial hatred, and finger pointing. All it does is rile already emotional people. The community suffers, we are all aware, but unless people talk solutions, this is only going to get worse. Regardless of whether the officer knew this young man, he responded in the way he was trained. We can’t treat this issue like that recent one, with the couple in the car who had the firearms and identified the conceal and carry permit. That situation was just for the community to uprise. That event was disgusting and an example of an officer being wrong. There are indeed other situations like that, that the communities and law enforcement need to address properly. Situations like what just happened, were an excuse to explode. The officer was black, had he been the one shot dead, would people still feel the same? If the person shot dead was on the other side of the law, had no criminal history, and was serving to protect the community, would he qualify to be a martyr for the black community? These are things to consider.

  • Wisconsinite

    Thank God he shot first, otherwise the headline of this article would have instead read “They knew each other”: MPD releases information that gunman was no stranger to slain officer. I’m not denying the fact that, on rare occasion, there have been crooked cops but, based on the thug mentality of this guy’s sister, chances are slim to none that he didn’t deserve this. As far as her saying Sylville was so sweet and never did anything wrong, it’s a bit difficult to lie about that nowadays when CCAP makes this info public. His rap sheet speaks for itself.

  • Klaatu

    I guess you must be one of those POS carjackers who have gotten used to getting away just because you run. Well, that may work when you are being chased in one of your stolen minivans by a police cruiser, but it don’t work when your holding a gun. Pay attention A-hol. The cops aren’t dikin around anymore. Point a gun at a cop and expect to die. Just do what the cop tells you to do, lay down like the lil beotch you are and save your sorry @$$.

  • karen

    My question Clem is “Why was he running??” If he was such a good person and happy why run why not be a man and take your ticket? Or is it because he did another crime?

  • Safeinthesuburbs

    Come to your gatherings? Thanks for the invitation but I’d rather stay home and survive the evening. I’ll sit in my home and watch on the news what you all did for fun the night before haha!

  • ALLY

    AGAIN, his sister said NOTHING about there being issues … just that they went to the same school together. Sylville was shot because he turned around while holding a weapon that was fully loaded. So what was the cop supposed to do? Wait until he shot him first? You need to stop justifying this. He was wrong. When a cop tells you to DROP YOUR WEAPON you DROP YOUR WEAPON.

  • really

    Trying actually telling that to the countless murderers that have done that in Milwaukee the last two years… you cant have it apply to just who you want it to..

  • Asilbial

    Like any white people want to go “have fun” with a bunch of violent blacks that want to beat on random white strangers, and believe wealthy people “ain’t trying to give the blacks none”. Screw that, not many whites are that dumb.

  • Cameron

    If he was running away, please explain how he was shot in the chest . Use common sense here, people. This guy had already shot someone once before. He posted pictures with guns. That officer saved and untold number of lives by taking this guy out, who clearly had no reservations about shooting a cop. Sylvell was NOT the victim here. His brother went on a rant how cops don’t protect them? I’m pretty sure the officer just did. Now the officer has to go into hiding because these thugs can’t handle it when they get caught and there are consequences for their behavior. You want me to come to your bbq so you can beat my ass? No thanks. Keep your chicken.


    I am personally disgusted by Fox 6 for allow the opinion of this lowlife trash to be allowed on their newscasts and website. She is the same person that in on Sunday was calling for violence.

    She was heard saying, “Burning down sh*t ain’t gonna help nothing”.“You’re burnin’ down sh*t we need in our community.” “Take that sh*t to the suburbs. Burn that sh*t down!” “We need our sh*t! We need our weave! I don’t wear it, but we need it!”

    This is who Fox 6 thinks is a good person to interview and broadcast. Someone calling for violence. Maybe Fox 6 should be held accountable for contributing to the violence!!!

  • Renee Snow

    She also said to “burn down the suburbs”, if that happens, they’ll be doing a booming business at the funeral homes. She seriously needs to go to jail for inciting riots,

  • Alfonso Gomez

    During the interview with FOX6 News, Smith said she is skeptical of the ongoing investigation, adding that if body camera footage shows her brother holding a gun, she still will not believe the officer was justified in firing his weapon.

    Seriously? What, did she expect the officer to wait until her brother shot at him in order to defend himself? Lady, a police officer does not have to wait until someone shoots at him to defend himself. Just pointing a gun at the officer is enough reason for the officer to shoot.

  • Mr, Crowley

    Its high time we the people recognize there are higher powers with a greater interest here. Pitting whites against blacks is the fastest and easiest way to obtain authorization to use marshal law. Yes they are publicizing black youths being shot by police, they are sure to put the blacks in a bad light. To draw up an image of life criminals. What we are not seeing is the violence portrayed against white youths, well it happens all the same. America it is time we stop being manipulated by our rich, mind controlling government and think for ourselves. Lets take this land back. If you recall, it wasnt thst long ago it seemed there would be a revolution in this nation. They all but curbed thst plan by rausing racial tensions. Don’t be the fool. See their games gor what they are. Rise up, unite. United we stand, divided fall

  • Monica in WI

    this guy was arrested 13 times and served 1 day in jail — i am not saying he deserved to die – but he made a choice to run, turn with a gun in hand towards an officer — should the cop just not respond? AND if they knew each other — the cop surely was aware of the hard criminal this guy was and that he wouldn’t have batted an eye to get a shot off at the cop. We should feel bad that our cops are out there with a judicial system that excuses thugs because of their zip code – and puts them back on the streets without consequence.

  • phacepalm

    I am willing to bet this family of thugs are behind the recent death threats against that officer defending himself from sylvie.


    LOL. I’m well educated and have a college degree so f@#$ off with your simple minded generalization. The majority of my facts are correct go ahead and try to disprove it like the uneducated moron you are. SIMPLE MINDED WISCONSINITE IDIOT.


    Just to clear your simple minded thoughts. I’m not black. WISCONSITES ARE SO SIMPLE MINDED. ITS COMICAL


    Im here btw to train for my career. Im getting the F out of this dump soon. I’ve lived in several states throughout my career and this by far is the worst state I have ever lived. The facts states for itself. Wisconsin is at the lowest on almost everything. Poor excuse of a state.

  • Cameron

    Even if he had CCW, which we all know he didn’t. Pointing a gun at an offucer, or anyone for that matter violates one of the first rules of CCW. Respect your weapon, don’t point it at people. Um, especially cops. He shot someone before, it was a very reasonable threat. But to try and incite riots outside of the city? Why? What’s your end game?

  • Dylan

    You know. If this sister and or.friends..are responsible. For the premature release of the officers identity and.the subsequent threats they should be charged criminally as appropriate….this is a example of the screwEd mentality of criminals..threatening to take it elsewhere the violence the rioting. To take it to the suburbs.burn the suburbs down…the victim was.a.thug look at.all.the social media posts….I challenge the victims family to post resume….where are.his employers. They should vouch for.this upstanding citizen…where is his pastor….?..just because you go to the same high school.means nothing….Prayers for the officer and his family and all the men and women in blue..thanks for all that you do.

  • DarrylG

    I bet a lot police officers knew him… as well as judges, prosecutors, public defenders, corrections officers and crime victims. Sherelle Smith is just another piece of crap stealing oxygen from civilized people.

  • Josh

    Screw your barbecues and rallies. I want nothing to do with someone who encourages peopLe to go to the suburbs and commit arson. This woman is a disgusting excuse for a human being and I’m glad her thug brother is dead. The cop that shot him not only saved his own life he saved the future victims of this criminal.

  • Had ENOUGH!

    “if body camera footage shows her brother holding a gun, she still will not believe the officer was justified in firing his weapon.”

    That says it all.. there’s no getting through to these people. No matter what evidence you show them to the contrary.. it’s still never their fault. Please, dear Sherelle.. when IS it justifiable to fire a weapon?

  • Youcanthandlethetruth

    The excuses and or lies from being shot in the back or he had mental illness now they went to school together blah blah blah blah and also I cannot understand why they continue to promote this girl as if she’s truly calling for peace and unity did everyone all the suddenly developed amnesia when she said to take it to the suburbs burn the suburbs down.

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