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“I think it’s awesome:” Two former Olympians raise, coach their two children

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Skating the fine line as a family. They're raising their two children, and coaching them too.

Bonnie Kathleen Blair was one of the top speed skaters of all-time, and one of the most decorated athletes in Olympic history with 5 gold medals. These days, Bonnie wants to be an all-time great mom to her 18-year-old son , Grant, and her 16-year-old daughter, Blair.

Grant's a future Wisconsin Badgers hockey player and Blair is a soccer player who might be tracking her mother's footsteps as a speed skater.

"I'm a crazy hockey/soccer mom," Bonnie said. "When I'm at hockey games, soccer games, I'm not one that can just sit there and watch. I feel like I need to be on my feet. At the hockey games, I've got the cowbells ringing and I've got horns I can blow. But you can't do that at soccer games!"

20 years ago, Bonnie married Dave Cruikshank. He's another 4-time Olympic speed skater.

Bonnie and Dave

Bonnie and Dave

"It's really nice to share the memories and then to share a life with your best friend, on a family that's doing the same thing," Dave said. "Building upon what you love to do, being with who you love to be with."

Dave is now an NHL skating and performance coach. He's also the co-owner of DC Hybrid Skating, a performance training center for hockey players. With both of those under his belt, he's a natural coach to his children, Grant and Blair.

"I've just tried to stick to what Bonnie and I believe as far as just who I am and what fits my personality. Sometimes, conversations may get a little more aggressive or a little more intense. But then also backing off. It's actually pretty easy with both kids," Cruikshank explained.

Grant Cruishank

"I think it's awesome," Grant said. "There's some things that are hard. Some things get a little intense, but it's that intensity that makes everything better. I definitely credit them for everything that's happened to me."

Grant's sister, Blair, is a gymnast turned soccer player. She got into skating because she was bored. Her father says when he watches his daughter skate, he sees his wife in her prime.

"He'll send out so many pictures out to so many people and they're like, 'It looks so much like your mom,' and it's just crazy because we kind of even look alike. I'm following in her tracks in what she did."

Like her older brother, Blair is comfortable being the daughter of two former Olympians.

"We definitely have a total normal life other than coming here and training with them," Blair explained. "I don't look at them like they're Olympians and everything. I treat them as: 'It's my mom. It's my dad.'"

Blair Cruishank

Blair Cruishank

"Knowing what it takes to be the best that you can be, but trying to make it so you have the best of both worlds," Bonnie said. "My family, Dave's family, very conscious of keeping you very grounded and so I think what we learned growing up as kids, we've tried to transform that into our parenting."

Bonnie and Dave say whether or not their kids did sports, they wanted to teach the lesson that if you want to be successful then you have to work for it.

"Dave and I feel very blessed that we've got two very good kids that have blossomed to be beautiful in their own right. They're driven," Bonnie said.

gym 1

Bonnie offers her input when she sees something but she's content to let her husband coach the kids. The finish line today is far different than when she competed.

"I'm so enjoying the thrill of watching my kids and what they do and what they become," Bonnie said. "Being a parent is a hard thing, but it's also very rewarding. I've been lucky enough to say that I've enjoyed every step, so let's just keeps going in that direction."

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