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Backing the badge: Area artist honors men and women in blue by creating works of art

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MILWAUKEE -- More than a dozen officers and deputies were hurt during the unrest in Milwaukee last weekend. Now many are thanking the officers who put themselves in harm's way to keep the peace.

Dave Braeger

Dave Braeger

Some of the injuries included head injuries and cuts. One Mequon man is saying thank you the best way he can, through art.

"I think I really hit it well with the skyline," said Dave Braeger, Mequon artist.

Passion can come to life in so many different forms. For Mequon artist Dave Braeger, his paintings is where he finds the most comfort.

Dave Braeger

Dave Braeger

The last FOX6 News met with him, it was in Dallas.

Braeger, who splits time between here and Texas, is compelled to honor the officers lost and those who risk their lives.

He hasn't stopped since.

Dave Braeger

Dave Braeger

"This is wholeheartedly to support the men and women wearing blue in Milwaukee, 100% -- that is why I made this," said Braeger.

A work honoring officers in Milwaukee began before last weekend's riots.

"The targeting of police for whatever interstices you feel the world might be bringing you. The police aren't the right people," said Braeger.

The events that have taken place give his work more meaning.

"When Dallas happened, and now Milwaukee, if things don't change it's going to happen elsewhere," said Braeger.

In Dallas, Braeger sold t-shirts, posters, and artwork with all of the proceeds donated to charity.

There are now similar plans here in Milwaukee.

Braeger isn't the only one giving back.

"We don't believe police officers are the problem. We think there are other deeper issues that are at work," said Bishop E.W. Jackson.

At Milwaukee's Police District 7, Bishop E.W. Jackson came all the way from Virginia, helping show support.

Milwaukee police say groups have been dropping off donations all week.

Whether food, or through a paintbrush.

Many are doing what they can to say thank you.

Dave Braeger

Dave Braeger

"This is an ongoing campaign that can last forever," said Braeger.

In Dallas, Braeger so far has raised about $40,000 through his work.

Have interest in ordering a T-shirt or a poster of Braeger's newly completed Milwaukee design? Email Dave at

A website with his designs is expected to be completed soon.