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Churches try “to respond to the needs” of neighborhoods impacted by unrest

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MILWAUKEE -- The recent unrest has many in Milwaukee looking for ways to help improve the quality of life in other neighborhoods as well.

Milwaukee firefighters face challenges during unrest

Milwaukee firefighters face challenges during unrest

As Hephatha Lutheran Church's Joyce Ellwanger discusses Milwaukee's destruction during the past several days, she is part of the reality of what is happening now.

"We did see the damaged buildings. It's part of the reality of what's happened," Ellwanger said. "The Lindsay Heights Community Planning Council is doing three walks. This is the third neighborhood walk."peace walk

Ellwanger explains the planning council and the Hephatha MICAH Holy Ground Core team organized walks to address the community's needs.

"Last year, we did three walks. We went door-to-door and asked people what are their priorities were for change in the neighborhood," Ellwanger said.

Joyce Ellwanger

Joyce Ellwanger

Thursday's steps led to a sort of check-up.

"As we do the walk, this afternoon, we'll be looking at some of the things that have happened, because of that, those kinds of walks, and others that we're still waiting to see happen," Ellwanger said.

The former includes the new street light at 17th and Locust and Habitat for Humanity homes. Ellwanger says this community is not alone in this city.peace walk

"I think the churches that are in neighborhoods that are hurting, certainly, are trying to respond to the needs that are there. This is just one church that is an example of that. People of faith haven't given up hope, you know," Ellwanger said.


  • TED

    Churches try “to respond to the needs” of neighborhoods impacted by riot.


    I’ve seen many deacons of black churches buy extremely expensive items for themselves. So sad. While I see what the blacks are doing to their community as horrendous, this white lady and her following of both black and white people actually seem to care. These are the people that should matter.

  • phacepalm

    BS!!!! The Headline should read, ” Another thug shot & killed by a MPD protecting our city” “Another Family of thug try to sue city”.

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