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Have a tip regarding officer-involved fatal shooting of Sylville Smith? Submit it anonymously

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MADISON -- The Wisconsin Department of Justice (DOJ) Division of Criminal Investigations (DCI) announced on Thursday, August 18th that an anonymous tip line is now available for anyone with information related to the officer-involved fatal shooting that occurred in Milwaukee’s Sherman Park neighborhood last weekend.

The DOJ asks the public to only submit tips based on facts, and not speculation or hearsay.

If you know something about the officer involved shooting, or any events leading up to or that may have occurred afterwards, CLICK HERE. You'll also find the form on the DOJ website home page.

Meantime, at a news conference held on Thursday, community groups called for investigators to release video from a body camera worn by the officer involved.

"When you have such a murky situation, that's going to lead to speculation, that's going to lead to apprehension," said Chris Ahmuty, Executive Director of the ACLU of Wisconsin.

Attorney General Brad Schimel issued the following statement regarding this case:

"It is my goal to complete officer involved death investigations expeditiously so the community gets the answers they deserve. DCI is still in the early investigative stages of the officer involved death that took place only five days ago. We need community members to come forward with any tips and information that may be helpful so we can continue to determine the facts of this case and turn over investigative reports to the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office, who will ultimately make a charging decision."

Answers many will be waiting for.

"Anger and tension are high, so this could possibly put those things at ease," said Martha De La Rosa, Executive Director for Wisconsin Jobs Now.

Investigators say submitting a tip will not trigger a radio call or send police to your location.


  • sparkles!

    What do we need tips on this officer involved shooting, when our officer was wearing a body cam? Please let this officer live in peace, he did what he had to do. Does anyone understand this person had a criminal history.? The reason for body cams were to protect the officer doing his or her job. Now the officers have body cams and this is till not good enough. I had hopes to become a law enforcement officer, but seeing Officer Lutz on a daily basis at WTC AND KNOWING HE WAS KILLED IN THE LINE OF DUTY DURING A ROBBERY I DECIDED IT WAS NOT WORTH IT.. So for all of you officers please stay safe and know that you are all respected by the normal society. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

  • NR

    Here’s a tip, but it is for Fox 6 as well as all the other news outlets..
    How about you wait until there are solid facts and substantial things to go on before you twist stories around to further your hate spreading stories to try to divide the city in order to gain ratings.

  • DUHH

    If they didn’t take the 10,000 dollar bait to rat out the thugs who burned and looted peoples businesses, i doubt there going to leave FREE tips about anything.

  • Jeffrey

    In my entire life living in Milwaukee, I’ve never seen the “1-2-3-4” Bad guy with a stolen gun. Shot by the police. Riots in Milwaukee. Now the media wants to enhance it.

  • Shonnie

    My comments always seem to magically get deleted too much truth in them. So I’ll post it again !! Instead of opening a tip line put a job application stand out there and see how many people apply for a job! Put a stand out there for them to sign up for school and see how empty it gets ! You’re barking up the wrong tree. The officer did his job one less person I have to worry about when I’m out !


    I don’t have any information about the shooting but I do have and will offer a TIP…..DON’T RUN FROM THE PO PO, PERIOD.

  • guest73

    The local news organizations all know the identity of the officer ($$$ can accomplish a lot.) And they want very much to report it. I get the feeling that, like being the first radio station to play Christmas music in October, they’re just waiting for someone else to do it first. Then they can tut-tut about the unethical-ness of the other station, while they can finally scream the officer’s name in every newscast. And then report on the retaliation against that officer by the BLM people. Two story lines for the price of one.

  • sometimesaroseisjustarose

    They sure are beating this dead horse. A cop performed his sworn duty, protecting the citizens of Milwaukee. Thankfully without injury to himself or innocent bystanders. If you steal a gun, run from the cops and point said gun at them They Will Shoot You. The officer was doing his job. End of story.

  • walloffthenorthside

    I imagine the DOJ will be getting thousands of false leads. Most will probably say he ain’t done did nuffin or he was a good boy, Dat mean ol uncle Tom shot him fo no reason. Here’s a tip. Don’t thug out at the police while in possession of a stolen gun then point it at the police.

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