Naked Donald Trump statue appears in Union Square, other US cities

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NEW YORK — A naked statue of Donald Trump appeared Thursday in Manhattan's Union Square — as well as in several other U.S. cities — attracting a swarm of people and posts on social media.

The statue quickly drew a large crowd of gawkers who snapped pictures and struck poses with the figure.

A plaque at the foot of the statue read, "The emperor has no balls."

Similar Trump statues appeared Thursday in Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco and Cleveland.

The figure was complete with realistic peach-colored skin, a protruding stomach, Trump's signature coif and detailed genitalia.

Mayor Bill de Blasio was asked about the statue at a press conference Thursday.

"That is a frightening thought," de Blasio said. "When he's wearing clothes I don't like him."

So who erected the bold piece?

At the foot of the statue is a signature: Ginger. Also on Monday a video was posted to YouTube showing how the statue was made.

It’s not the first time the Republican presidential nominee has been depicted in the buff. Earlier this year, artist Illma Gore created a sketch of Trump naked, his right leg hoisted on an unseen ledge as he leans toward the viewer, mouth agape.

WARNING: The video below contains uncensored footage of a naked statue being created.

The group behind the statues, Indecline, posted photos of all five statues on its Instagram.


  • idiots

    Why? If someone did this to Hillary they would be calling foul and screaming how it demeans women. Children i swear.

  • Al P

    Can you imagine the drive-by media if this was done to Moochelle or Barack. Kind of shows how Unintelligent liberals really are. So sad for our country. P.S. Donald Trump didn’t leave 4 Americans to die in Benghazi. The libs will still vote for Hillary.

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