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“This will definitely make a difference:” 3 arrested in connection to carjackings across Milwaukee Co.

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MILWAUKEE -- Three arrests were made this week in connection to several carjackings across Milwaukee County. Some of the suspects have lengthy records, including a felon.carjackings

Carjackings are happening all over Milwaukee County. In fact, the Milwaukee Police Department says through July of this year, we've seen 260 -- that's just two shy of last years' total.carjackings

Milwaukee police are working to put a stop to it. Just this week, arresting three people in connection to multiple carjackings.

"Cops everywhere. It's just cops everywhere," said a man who witnessed a carjacking arrest.carjackings

On Tuesday, one man saw a 24-year-old arrested on Cherry Street. Police say the suspect may be connected to several carjackings and armed robberies in the past few days.

"That ain't the stuff you supposed to be doing. You're supposed to be doing something positive instead of taking something people work for," said the witness.

Word of the arrest was encouraging to Milwaukee Alderman Tony Zielinski, who has seen his district hit by carjackings. He posted about it on his Facebook page.

"I feel it's important to let people in the area know we have a great police department," said Alderman Zielinski.

Zielinski says the arrest should help his constituents and others across Milwaukee feel safer.carjackings3

"This will definitely make a difference. So it's very good news, very good news," said Zielinski.

On Wednesday, another two suspects in an armed carjacking were arrested after fleeing from police during a traffic stop. After a pursuit, the suspects drove over a curb and crashed into a vacant field.

The two arrested have lengthy records, including a felony.

"That will have a definite positive impact on reducing crime because the bottom line is they can't commit crimes on the street if they're behind bars," said Zielinski.

The case against the carjacking suspect on Cherry Street, will be referred to the District Attorney's office in the coming days.

As for the north side carjacking, Milwaukee police are still looking for a third suspect who fled from the scene.


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